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Introducing Shannon Reeves Events!

November 29 • 10 Comments »


Shannon Reeves


Shannon Reeves’ Events was created fresh from the ground up. A brand new business from her launch date, we worked with Shannon to develop a solid business plan, strategy and everything needed to explode onto the wedding market. Equipped with a powerful client experience plan, dynamic pricing structure and stunning authentic visuals, Shannon is ready for action!

My new brand is me to a ‘T’. Every single piece – from the personal logo to the soft pinks and golds to the mums design incorporated throughout the pieces. Emily described my brand as “full of tradition, but still very fresh and chic,” which I think really describes me personally, and also exactly how I would describe my ideal client. It’s just perfect. Every single piece matches and compliments the others in the very best ways. I am proud when I see each piece alone and just giddy when I see how well they all work together.

I’m smarter in every way, and have a very clear direction. The ladies really pushed me to look at myself and who I wanted to be personally and as a business owner. I dug deep in myself, and into the work of industry leaders and in doing so, really gained a great knowledge of both who I am, what I appreciate in business and the goals I need (and want) to set for myself professionally.

I think that it’s absolutely essential to have solid branding if you want to compete in a world that is so full of amazing talent. Branding is so much more than building a Web site or choosing a font for a logo. It’s learning about yourself and who you want to be. It’s learning your ideal client inside and out and pushing yourself (in a way that will make you proud of yourself every single day) to make sure your brand – everything from the colors you use to how to write the copy on your Web site – compliments each other and ensures that your ideal client not only recognizes you, but also respects you as a businessperson.

Goodness, I think my biggest fear was just that I couldn’t imagine getting it all done! Taking this idea in my head and making it a reality was daunting and overwhelming. Luckily for me, Emily, Lara and Marissa were amazing and a fabulous cheering section for me every day. The ladies made it simple in that they took this huge, overwhelming idea of mine and broke it into manageable pieces for me. We did it! When I feel overwhelmed now, I take their advice (and read Lara’s “Challenge” all the time to remind myself!) and break my million little thoughts into to-do’s and write them out. Lara once told me that things aren’t nearly as scary when they’re out of your head and on paper. She is so right! I may have a to-do list a mile long sometimes, but everything is on paper, which really just gives me a mile-long list of things to be proud of when I cross them off. 🙂

My husband recently asked me if I thought hiring the Making Brands Happen team was a good move. The truth is, looking back, I don’t know how I could have done this without them. Lara, Emily and Marissa were there every single step of the way, offering reassuring, helpful guidance and advice, cheering me on in the most positive ways and smashing my fears anytime they sensed a fear or insecurity. They took time to get to know me as a person, and in doing so, created the most true-to-me brand I could have imagined. I always had a clear, organized list of tasks to complete and goals to look forward to. I absolutely consider them my true mentors with true gifts of not only being extraordinarily caring people, but also talented beyond words in their branding and creative work. Yes, hubby, I thank my lucky stars every single day that I was one of the lucky ones to work with Making Brands Happen.

When the site went live and I sent a super fun “It’s Up and Running!” email to a long list of my friends and family. It was amazing when their excited responses filled my inbox that day! But best moment? Listening to my husband’s champagne toast on launch night.

At the beginning of this year, I felt unsure about a lot of things. Could I really do this? Am I being silly? Do I have the drive required to really commit to this? Eleven months later, I’m proud of myself every single day. I’ve been amazing myself every single day. I’ve been pushing myself and seeing results. The Making Brands Happen team and I have built Shannon Reeves Events. It’s real!

Hopefully lots and lots of “I do’s!”

Emily and Lara, I consider you the best mentors a girl could ask for. You’ve become friends that I’m grateful for every day. Thank you for everything. <3




Introducing the NEW Making Brands Happen!

November 14 • 17 Comments »



One year ago today, Emily and I were in Los Angeles with Gina on the Making Things Happen Tour.  We were about to head to Maui where we would soon meet our dear friend, Natalie Norton.  The four of us became best friends over this last incredible year, traveling the country to inspire creatives to take action on their dreams.  Oh, what a blessed year it has been!

On that plane ride to Maui, Emily and I talked about our passion for helping budding business owners make big things happen.  We have both taken huge risks in our own lives to live out our passions and have come to see the power of stepping into fear instead of away from it.

Our story is unique, but we know full well – and have seen in the over 500+ Making Things Happen alumni – that anyone can realize dreams they never thought possible… with the right powerful tools.  We’re here to give you those tools.   Making Brands Happen was born out of a desire to help you realize your full potential.  This work makes our hearts sing!

It’s our mission in life to empower creatives to live their best lives and take their businesses to the next level with authenticity, heart and a solid foundation.  A year since this journey began on that plane over the Pacific, we’re thrilled to finally show you what we’ve been up to these last 12 months!

Besides a beautiful Brady Ley and my Grace on the way any minute now, over three dozen powerful new brands – packed with confidence and solid strategy – have been born.  It’s a pretty exciting day, friends!  We have about 50 blog posts waiting in the wings for you to devour shortly, but for now, enjoy our stunning new site and blog.

The site is packed with so many goodies.  Huge thanks to Cathy Olson, Paperfinger and so many incredible photographers including K and K Photography, Gina Zeidler, Nancy Ray, Brett Arthur, Meg Baisden and Rae Leytham for helping us bring this site to life!  We love you!  Thank you to the awesome MBH behind-the-scenes duo, Marissa and Nicole, for taking such great care of us and our clients.  We couldn’t do this work without you!  And a gigantic thank you (along with tons of high-fives!) to our phenomenal clients.

We are so grateful for the gifts of kindness and encouragement you have given us over this exciting year!  It is with profound gratitude that we present you our new brand home!

We are accepting a very limited number of new clients beginning in March 2012, when I return from maternity leave. Most spots are already filled and we expect to be sold out for 2012 launches by the end of this year, so be sure to reserve your new brand ASAP. More details about our process and how to get started can be found here.

With love, Lara and Emily (and Brady and Grace!)