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Introducing Luxe Finds!

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Phyllis Cheung is a wedding industry dynamo. Featured in Inc., Fast Company, the NY Times and countless leading publications for her innovative wedding tech, Phyllis was stuck in a company name and dull visual brand that had people only focused on her tech savvy. Phyllis’ ideas were much bigger than just tech. After a complete overhaul of her visuals and renaming the company from My Wedding Concierge to LuxeFinds, the company is now ready for big time action. The brand message is clear, the visuals are stunningly attractive and the company growth keeps reaching new international heights!


My new brand feels so incredibly refreshing! I feel that my new branding will allow me tremendous growth in the luxury lifestyle market.

Personally, I have renewed confidence in how I market to my target audience. After all the branding exercises, I truly understand who I am and how to direct my energies in effectively capturing the attention of my intended audience. I understand how important it is to be both transparent and authentic in portraying my brand.

Transformation can be a scary process. I was so attached to my old brand, yet I knew that I needed a new one. Just like having a baby, it will never be the perfect time. It is a lot of work and sometimes it will feel like it’s a never ending process. But – after your branding is done, you’ll wonder how you ever were able to operate without it. Lara and Emily are simply amazing at what they do. They truly understand who you are and will work closely with you to define your brand.

Before I started my rebrand, I didn’t have any fears. I’d been wanting to do it for a while, so when it came time to rebrand, I was giddy like a child in a candy store! I knew that I was working with two of the most wonderful women in the industry so I knew I had nothing to worry about!

Lara and Emily truly understand branding and the power behind GREAT branding. They understand the luxury market and gently steered me in the right direction. They are incredibly kind, giving, and some of the brightest minds I have ever worked with. I would recommend them to anyone that needed to rebrand their business!

The most exciting moment in revealing my new brand came when my very hard to impress husband saw it and said, “Wow. This is amazing! This is it!”

I love love LOVE my brand transformation! I’ve grown and learned so much over the last 3 years and I now understand how I can portray who I am through my brand. It is authentic. It is me.

The future – we will continue adding new categories to our luxury search engine – we are building a shopping search engine that will revolutionize how women shop. The most exciting days are still ahead!



Introducing Michelle Edgemont!

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Michelle Edgemont



Michelle Edgemont’s transformation is one of our very favorites for so many reasons. From the moment we dove into her new company creation and branding, Michelle truly took to our process and worked hard from the inside out. What emerged was a brand new business that lets her incredible creativity come to life and a whole new outlook on life that gets everyone she meets fired up! The new Michelle Edgemont brand (formerly Hey Babe Studio) is packed with long-term strategy, powerful visuals and a whole lot of glitter!

Coming from a place of selling a few crafty items on Etsy for side money, I decided that I need to start a whole wedding design company. So for me, my brand was not a revision of something dated, it was completely NEW. Together, we were building the ground work for a new company, which the most exciting part of all! Similar to gestating a newborn, with each month and each email from Lara and Emily, by brand grew to be better, smarter, stronger, and more defined than the day before. It represents my personality and the vision of my company 110%. It’s me, put into graphics and colors and paper goods, and that is super exciting.

What’s changed is that I’ve launched a full blown, serious, no joking around wedding design business. While before I might have described myself as a hobbyist, I’m now a business woman. I’m completely confident in the visual aspects of my brand and want the whole world to see it. I’m not ashamed to submit myself to magazines and blogs or to post on my personal Facebook page in fear that I won’t be taken seriously due to confusing branding. This process requires a lot of decisions. Let me say that again, A LOT OF DECISIONS. I’m much better and faster at making those decisions now. Lara always says that a full inbox is just a bunch of decisions waiting to be made. I’m much confident in the choices that I make, because I’m no longer letting my fear stop me from making them.

I know it’s scary. I know that you might have to convince your husband through tears streaming down your face to let you borrow thousands of dollars from your savings account for what he sees as just a logo, a few pretty colors, and some business cards. But you know, in your heart and your gut, that it is SO MUCH more than that. That when it’s finished, and that final tweet goes out into the world with your new website link, that that day is going to be the start of the rest of your life. You’ll be proud of yourself for going through the process. You’re brand will scream you. When clients open your website for the first time, it will be as though your hand reaches through the computer screen and pulls them into your awesome little world. They won’t want to leave. You’ll stand out in this over-saturated wedding industry world. And you’ll do it all with the unwavering support of Lara and Emily.

My biggest fear was that the thousands of dollars I just spent was going to be for nothing. That in the end, it wasn’t going to be worth it. IT WAS COMPLETELY WORTH IT. Being a designer myself, I’m kind of a control freak, but I learned to trust Emily. And what she designed is amazingly beautiful and a million times perfect.

Not to be too dramatic, but it literally is the start of the rest of my life. They have talked me off the ledge more times than I can count. Whether I was freaking out about business details or a few craft supplies, they have always kept a level head and gave me suggestions to fix the problem. They go out of their way to not only brand and design, but also to teach. Lara was patient with me with my thousand pricing and business structure questions. Emily implemented all of my little design changes to my look book – there must be 20 versions of that thing! They are a complete JOY to work with. So awesome in fact, that my experience with them has completely jaded my view of each company I work with. To date, no one has had their level of professionalism, excitement, and speed. They have raised the bar. Working with Lara and Emily (and Marissa) has shown me a great example of what a successful company should look like and how a successful company should act. I only hope to be as awesome as they are one day.

Before: confused, scared, unsure, kind of lame, unprofessional, childish.
Now: confident, full of clarity, excited, awesome, ready to take over the world.

We know you have what it takes to make all of your dreams happen! A successful job that I love and the opportunity to create happiness through decorations and flowers everyday. My to-do dream list is three pages long. No joke. My branding and my website are a strong platform to stand on to accomplish my goals. Awesome is going to happen, ladies. WOO HOO!!




Introducing Jennifer Chase Photography!

December 8 • 1 Comment »


Jennifer Chase



We met Jennifer at Making Things Happen in Las Vegas in 2011. Jennifer is a phenomenal high-end photographer and a compassionate giving woman. She wanted not just a new visual brand, but the business structure and personal confidence to really take it to the next level. Seeing her transform with these new tools has been incredible! The new Jennifer Chase is bold, brilliant and ready for adventure all over the globe!

I just love how elegant, polished and exquisite it is.  Everything from the blog to the website to the business cards fits together perfectly. I just received my gorgeous little box of collateral in the mail and I can’t stop looking at all my paper goods.   My letterpress gold logo, the hand torn edges, just gorgeous.

While I’m swooning a bit at the business cards the rebranding process really is so much more than just your website and business cards. Working through this process has really helped me to look at the bigger picture and figure out the direction I want my business to grow in. Also, when you’re thinking about branding it’s not just about a logo, it’s about your business, your work, your marketing, your client experience. I think this process is great for thinking about all of the pieces that fit into that.

It can be a big financial decision and I think you should have work at a high enough level that you’re proud to show off, but you don’t have to wait until everything is “perfect” before you do. Working with Lara and Emily can really help define and refine how and in what direction you want to grow.

I was afraid that I would spend a good deal of money and not have something in the end that was really ME. That definitely didn’t happen. We revised and tweaked until we came up with something that fit just right.

Lara and Emily are both just really special people.  It’s obvious that they really care about everyone that they work with.  They’re wonderfully creative and fantastic business people.  Just working with them I’ve learned a lot  about taking care of clients. On a personal level they’re great role models and just really positive wonderful people to know.

I had a chance to photograph food, travel and lifestyle in southern France a couple weeks ago. I’ve photographed travel and lifestyle before but never food. I loved it and I realized that while I still love weddings, I want to start doing more travel, lifestyle and food photography also. Coming back and posting my photos, I realized how flexible my new brand was. It shows off my wedding and portrait work but it also looks great with my other work. I think perhaps Lara and Emily saw the direction I was going in even before I was ready to go there.




Introducing Caitlin Sullivan Photography!

December 6 • 2 Comments »


Caitlin Sullivan



Caitlin is a remarkable, inspiring and just plain happy woman. We met her during the Making Things Happen intensive in San Francisco in 2010 and fell in love with her zest for life. Caitlin wanted more for her life. She wanted to use her gifts to the fullest. Through renewed confidence in herself and in her new brand, she certainly has the platform to do just that now! There’s no stopping her!

What I find most thrilling about my new brand is that it matches me so perfectly. My heart sings each time I post new work and see how it dances with my new brand. The colors, the graphics and the overall feel of my brand now sing Caitlin in a perfect melody and reflection of how you will find me today– bright, bold, confident and optimistic. I’m proud of who I am and I’m proud that my brand is an extension of my heart.

Re-branding can be a stressful process when you are trying to nail down who you are for the world to see. That being said, the process is an experience I wouldn’t trade for a second. I did a lot of work on my heart throughout the re-branding process. For me, re-branding was never just about the colors, graphics and collateral. Creating a new identity meant that I first had to dig deep and figure out who I am and what I aspire to be each day. The most significant personal growth I’ve seen firsthand as a result of re-branding with MBH is that I 1000% believe in my worth and my talents today. I could never put a price tag on that.

Please throw away the self-limiting fears, small and large, that rob you of your potential.  Change and growth can be unsettling but are necessary for taking flight. Choosing to re-brand is scary for more than a few reasons, but take the leap! Trust in the process and watch your net appear. You are in good hands. Not only will you come out of this process a renewed artist and improved business owner, most importantly you will come out a better person.

My biggest fear before starting this process was harnessing my potential. I knew deep down that my potential was huge but I was scared and anxious to see that come to life through the re-branding process. From the minute I got off the phone after my first consultation with Lara, that all changed. I started embracing my potential and truly believing in my worth – not only as an artist, but also for what I brought to my work and my business as an individual.

Honestly, I couldn’t think of two better people to have brought my new brand to life. Lara and Emily saw me in a vulnerable state at Making Things Happen. I’ll never forget sitting next to Emily at Making Things Happen and Emily saying to me, “ You’ve got this. You’ve just got to figure out how to get there.” Before the re-branding process even began, these women knew me on a personal level and I knew they were on my team.  Lara and Emily saw potential in me before I saw it in myself.  Together, we brought that potential to light and it means the world to share this exciting time with these women.

The most exciting moment in revealing my new brand came seconds after my new blog and site went live. Lara, Emily, Cathy and I had spent that long day tweaking and prepping the sites to launch.  The second everything went live, the excitement of what was happening set in. I sat in my chair at my desk in silence and I could hear my heart race as my lips curled and my eyes welled up. The thought of sharing my journey with loved ones, dear friends, peers and strangers all over the world in that moment was such a gift.  I hope my story inspires others to dream big like the sky and to always, always believe in the beauty of your dreams.

Before my new brand transformation, success scared me and I was worried that embracing my potential was selfish. Now, I’m confident in myself and in my abilities. I look forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead and I am ready, willing and ecstatic for what is in store.

When I envision my bright future, I see happiness, love and success. I look forward to watching my business and my heart continue to blossom as I navigate each day with a shiny new brand. A brand I couldn’t be more proud of…

Life really is too short. Do that which scares you most and watch yourself soar!




Introducing Heart Love Weddings!

December 1 • 2 Comments »

Alexandra Beauregard came to us with a big vision and a company name and brand that just didn’t let her shine (formerly BWed Exclusive). After a total overhaul, including new marketing and strategy, Heart Love Weddings was born! Alexandra went from small-time to truly being on the map in the blogging world. Her new brand is grounded, authentic and bubbling with personality!



Honestly, I love everything about the Heart Love Weddings brand. It’s ME. The old brand (bWed Exclusive) really wasn’t bold enough, sassy enough, sparkly enough, me enough. It didn’t fit our focus, the direction I wanted to take the blog, or the future of my business. When we crafted Heart Love Weddings – it was like I grew wings. I was finally able to show who I was, what I’m passionate about, what I love in every aspect of my blog, which also happens to be my livelihood. The name itself is pure perfection. It just fits. It fits me (the heart behind the blog), our niche (love stories), and our main focus (weddings). It’s perfect.

When I first started with Emily and Lara, I was rather timid. I had all of these big dreams and ideas, but I was lacking momentum. Lara and Emily pushed me in many ways to be better, to be excellent, to better my ideas and dreams, my business, my thought process. DREAM big and DO bigger. And DO every little thing with love. Because there is no other way to do it.

Rebranding your business is nothing to take lightly. You have to be 100% committed to tearing apart every aspect of your business (down to the bare bones) and building everything back up piece by piece. Whether you are branding for the first time or rebranding (like I did) you have to be committed, you have to be prepared to fall flat on your face, and you have to work hard. You have to be passionate about what you do, because if you’re not, no one else is going to be. No matter how long or bumpy the road may be, you WILL get there. But you have to BELIEVE that. You have to believe in yourself and what you do. And once you do that, the jump isn’t that scary after all. In fact, the jump is the best thing you could have ever done. Anybody can create a new logo for you, but going through the process of branding, making it your own, implementing it, and carrying it through all aspects of your business is what Emily and Lara do. It’s a full, cohesive, well-rounded package.

What didn’t I fear is the real question here. I was afraid that I would put my heart, soul, and savings into this brand and business, and have nothing left. Nothing left to give because I would be so burnt out or nothing left to receive. I was afraid that I was a small fish in a really big sea with lots of other really big fish. I was afraid of getting too big, of success. What if I then couldn’t DO everything that I wanted to. And the biggest of all, what if I just out and out failed. One thing that I realized is that you have to spend money to make money. You have to invest in yourself if you expect others to invest in you. You have to believe in yourself if you want others to believe in you. Another thing I realized is that small is the NEW big. 🙂 There is nothing I can’t do. The only thing holding me back is me. And I’m not about to let that happen.

Lara and Emily gave me the wings I needed to fly. They gave me the encouragement I needed at my lowest points. They were there backing me up every single step of the way. Choosing to work with Making Brands Happen was the best thing I could have ever done. They took my hopes, dreams, and really awful sketches and turned them into my new reality. My dream come true.

One of the most exciting moments for me (personally) was seeing my new logo for the first time. I get a little thrill every time I look at it, even to this day. Launching the new brand and website was SO exciting. Seeing people go to the website, look around, and tell me they couldn’t believe how far we’d come, was as exciting as it was humbling. Everyone wants to know where I had everything done – my collateral, my web design, everything. I love that people love the new brand as much as I do.

Honestly, I felt lost. I didn’t feel the old brand was working.  And I really didn’t know how to fix it or what my future held. After launching Heart Love Weddings, I don’t feel so lost. I feel like I’ve found home. Everything works and flows and looks pretty doing it. I’m much more confident in my abilities and my future. My dreams are big and I can’t wait to DO bigger! Life is too short to play small, after all.

The sky is the limit. I will no longer hold myself back from excellence. I’m SO ready for all that is ahead for Heart Love Weddings, and me, too.