Introducing Jennifer Chase Photography!

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Jennifer Chase

We met Jennifer at Making Things Happen in Las Vegas in 2011. Jennifer is a phenomenal high-end photographer and a compassionate giving woman. She wanted not just a new visual brand, but the business structure and personal confidence to really take it to the next level. Seeing her transform with these new tools has been incredible! The new Jennifer Chase is bold, brilliant and ready for adventure all over the globe!

I just love how elegant, polished and exquisite it is.  Everything from the blog to the website to the business cards fits together perfectly. I just received my gorgeous little box of collateral in the mail and I can’t stop looking at all my paper goods.   My letterpress gold logo, the hand torn edges, just gorgeous.

While I’m swooning a bit at the business cards the rebranding process really is so much more than just your website and business cards. Working through this process has really helped me to look at the bigger picture and figure out the direction I want my business to grow in. Also, when you’re thinking about branding it’s not just about a logo, it’s about your business, your work, your marketing, your client experience. I think this process is great for thinking about all of the pieces that fit into that.

It can be a big financial decision and I think you should have work at a high enough level that you’re proud to show off, but you don’t have to wait until everything is “perfect” before you do. Working with Lara and Emily can really help define and refine how and in what direction you want to grow.

I was afraid that I would spend a good deal of money and not have something in the end that was really ME. That definitely didn’t happen. We revised and tweaked until we came up with something that fit just right.

Lara and Emily are both just really special people.  It’s obvious that they really care about everyone that they work with.  They’re wonderfully creative and fantastic business people.  Just working with them I’ve learned a lot  about taking care of clients. On a personal level they’re great role models and just really positive wonderful people to know.

I had a chance to photograph food, travel and lifestyle in southern France a couple weeks ago. I’ve photographed travel and lifestyle before but never food. I loved it and I realized that while I still love weddings, I want to start doing more travel, lifestyle and food photography also. Coming back and posting my photos, I realized how flexible my new brand was. It shows off my wedding and portrait work but it also looks great with my other work. I think perhaps Lara and Emily saw the direction I was going in even before I was ready to go there.




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  1. Gorgeous! Congratulations Jennifer!

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