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Phyllis Cheung is a wedding industry dynamo. Featured in Inc., Fast Company, the NY Times and countless leading publications for her innovative wedding tech, Phyllis was stuck in a company name and dull visual brand that had people only focused on her tech savvy. Phyllis’ ideas were much bigger than just tech. After a complete overhaul of her visuals and renaming the company from My Wedding Concierge to LuxeFinds, the company is now ready for big time action. The brand message is clear, the visuals are stunningly attractive and the company growth keeps reaching new international heights!


My new brand feels so incredibly refreshing! I feel that my new branding will allow me tremendous growth in the luxury lifestyle market.

Personally, I have renewed confidence in how I market to my target audience. After all the branding exercises, I truly understand who I am and how to direct my energies in effectively capturing the attention of my intended audience. I understand how important it is to be both transparent and authentic in portraying my brand.

Transformation can be a scary process. I was so attached to my old brand, yet I knew that I needed a new one. Just like having a baby, it will never be the perfect time. It is a lot of work and sometimes it will feel like it’s a never ending process. But – after your branding is done, you’ll wonder how you ever were able to operate without it. Lara and Emily are simply amazing at what they do. They truly understand who you are and will work closely with you to define your brand.

Before I started my rebrand, I didn’t have any fears. I’d been wanting to do it for a while, so when it came time to rebrand, I was giddy like a child in a candy store! I knew that I was working with two of the most wonderful women in the industry so I knew I had nothing to worry about!

Lara and Emily truly understand branding and the power behind GREAT branding. They understand the luxury market and gently steered me in the right direction. They are incredibly kind, giving, and some of the brightest minds I have ever worked with. I would recommend them to anyone that needed to rebrand their business!

The most exciting moment in revealing my new brand came when my very hard to impress husband saw it and said, “Wow. This is amazing! This is it!”

I love love LOVE my brand transformation! I’ve grown and learned so much over the last 3 years and I now understand how I can portray who I am through my brand. It is authentic. It is me.

The future – we will continue adding new categories to our luxury search engine – we are building a shopping search engine that will revolutionize how women shop. The most exciting days are still ahead!



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  1. Ooo! I LOVE this brand! Totally in love with the color palette. Congratulations!

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