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Introducing Erin McLean Events!

January 25 • 1 Comment »


Erin McLean


From the moment we met Erin, we knew that fire inside her was just getting started! What a phenomenal year it has been for her! As a successful wedding planner and designer in North Carolina, she wanted a brand and new business structure that allowed her to harness the potential she knew she had. After revamping her pricing and sales strategy and giving her visual brand an overhaul, the new Erin McLean Events has been thrust into the spotlight as one of the top planning and design firms in the South!

What excites me most about my new branding how fresh and clean it is. It feels so much like me. EME has grown so well in the past few years and I wanted it to feel more authentic to what we do!  I was able to zone in on who my ideal client is and focus on marketing to her. I am excited about the freshness and personality in my new website and blog.

This whole process has really given me a clear direction for my brand. I was able to “de-clutter” business practices that weren’t productive and focus in on my brides’ planning experience

My advice for others who are scared about branding I go for it. It is so important to be focusing on who my ideal bride is.  It is so relieving to not try to market to everyone.

I was totally hesitant in the beginning because I had already been in business for 4 years and was married to my old brand (pun intended J ). So switching my logo and other items was a bit scary. However, once I got to work with Emily and Lara it became clear that this was still very much Erin McLean Events, but so much better!

This experience has allowed  me to bring my business to the next level. It has clarified my purpose and direction. For that I am so EXCITED!!

The best feedback I received was people saying my new branding felt so much like Erin McLean and Erin McLean Events. As a planner we sell our personalities, skills, and expertise. This can be tough to convey in a website, but with Making Brands Happen it was much easier  A lot of work, but so clear in how to accomplish it!

Before the brand transformation I felt a bit muddled in my brand and who I was marketing to. Now I have a clear direction and am so excited to see where EME goes!

Big things!!! EME is growing with the addition of two more wedding planners and we are so excited to what is to come.




Introducing Caroline Joy Photography!

January 18 • 1 Comment »


Caroline Joy


We met Caroline at Making Things Happen Maui. This video, shot just over a year ago, tells the story of her beginning. “I want to break through…” Through a transformative year, pushing her art to the limits, Caroline is a new woman. Recently married to the love of her life, her new brand shows the world just how deep and wide her love and care runs for everyone she meets and how much value she places on marriage and vibrant relationships. Ms. Joy most definitely broke through!

Words cannot express how it feels to hand someone a business card and be PROUD of that thoughtfully crafted business card and the well-edited website it will direct that person to. My new brand makes me proud all the way down to my toes, and that feeling has transformed me and my business.

I’ve embraced leadership. I’m not just trying to keep up with “the competition” anymore. I’ve learned how to leave that behind to pursue a vision that I wholeheartedly believe in. My business has a clear mission statement now, and since I’m so passionate about carrying that out, I’m blazing new trails in the industry and growing into a leader. A mover. A shaker. ☺

First, I’d say you should be a little afraid! ☺ I understand how daunting it is to put your company’s identity in someone else’s hands. I’d been branded twice before with two different companies and my experiences left me disappointed. But, the great news is, you don’t have to be afraid when you let Lara and Emily take the journey with you. Lara and Emily invested so much time and energy in getting to know my business and helping me define the heart of it. The resulting brand is not only visually gorgeous, but most importantly, it’s a genuine reflection of what I stand for. They equipped me with a plan of action to implement my brand in a meaningful way. They gave me a true brand, not just a trendy logo. They took the heart and soul of my business and translated it into something my clients can connect with.

I was continually astounded at how consistent Emily and Lara were in their timeliness and punctuality. Never was a deadline missed. Never did a question of mine go unanswered for days. Every promise was kept. I know Emily and Lara have many clients to serve, but they genuinely made me feel like I was their only client. You can’t help but respect a company that practices what they preach, and Emily and Lara did to a T. They were a living example of “how to treat your clients.” That inspiration alone was priceless.




The New 2012 MBH Experience: 3 new branding options! + a GIVEAWAY!

January 11 • 51 Comments »




We are so EXCITED to announce the all new 2012 Making Brands Happen experience: three branding options designed to create your powerful, strong, authentic brand from the inside out. Each Tier offers a different experience and can be built upon with our brand new menu of A La Carte Additional Services. We are so unbelievably thrilled to offer these new options to our 2012 clients!

Tier Three, our signature service, offers a totally comprehensive experience. Your new, powerful brand built from the ground up. Tier Three allows our clients to really get to the heart of their brand. By determining the authentic story at the very root of the business, our Tier Three clients are able to build each little detail (from pricing to copy to marketing to visual elements to collateral and client experience and everything in between) on top of a solid foundation for a brand that is limitless, real and powerful beyond measure.(Above: a snippet from the custom, twelve page Lookbook/Pricing Guide we designed for Gem Photo).

Tier Two offers an experience that allows our clients to build their new, powerful brand at its foundation with a beautiful, authentic exterior (visual brand and collateral) as well as a strong, clearly refined interior. Tier Two is a wonderful option for clients interested in building a truly game changing experience with this strong foundation as well as additional services from our A La Carte Menu of Additional Services. (Above: New brand designed for Engaging Concepts)

Tier One is our base level of service and is a wonderful way to kick start a new brand with just what it needs to really hit the ground running. (Above: Gorgeous collateral designed for Jennifer Chase Photography including hand torn, cotton, foil stamped Arturo stationery from Italy, custom DVDs and jackets, foil gilded business cards and gift labels. Collateral image by K+K Photography).

If you’re ready to make 2012 YOUR YEAR and would like to know more about our new 2012 Making Brands Happen experiences, including specific deliverables, process and pricing for each tier, send us a note. ITs time to GET BRANDED. Our calendar is nearing full for 2012, so reserve your start date early! We’re so thrilled and excited for all of our upcoming client projects and can’t WAIT for whats in store for each!

Emily + Lara

And to kick start a FABULOUS new year, we’re giving away a $500 credit towards a Making Brands Happen experience OR a $200 American Express gift card! How can you win? Well, there are three ways! Each is a separate entry.

1) Share our new branding options with your friends via Facebook! Be sure and link to Making Brands Happen so we can see your post! Comment here to let us know you’ve posted.

2) Share this post on Twitter! Be sure and link to this blog post and mention @PowerfulBrand! Comment here so we can see your tweet.

3) Share your experience, excitement or big goals involving Making Brands Happen and our new options on your own blog! Feel free to borrow our top graphic! Post the link here.

Big high fives to everyone making ENORMOUS things happen in 2012! We can’t wait to dive in soon! Winners will be announced NEXT FRIDAY January 20!

Introducing Brit Stewart Weddings!

January 11 • 5 Comments »


Brit Stewart Weddings


Launching Soon!

Brit Stewart came to us via Making Things Happen. With a strong background in business, Brit wanted a gorgeous visual brand that reflected her sophisticated, solid, energetic business savvy. After a company name change and an exciting process, we are thrilled reveal the new Brit Stewart Weddings!

Ahh. What’s not to love? The thing I absolutely love the most is how absolutely “me” my new brand is. It matches my personality, my style, my business and my wedding style. Classic. Modern. Beautiful. Colorful.

I think what has changed for me personally is really just a clearer direction and better focus. I know exactly the type of client I want to work with. The style of wedding I want to work on. And, how I want to run my business. The entire Making Brands Happen experience has really reinvigorated a lot of the things I knew about myself, but never really paid attention to.

Be true to yourself. In every possible way. Trying to be something or someone else will get you nowhere. You have to own who you are, and know that YOU are ultimately what is going to attract clients. At the end of the day, you want everything about your brand, the entire experience, to be a fit with who you are.

I honestly never really had many fears about the process. I more or less just had questions, and a strong desire for getting to the bottom of who I am.

My experiences with Lara and Emily have been amazing and rewarding. It sounds odd coming from the client-end of things, but between the both of them I have been fortunate to learn so much about myself, but also about where I want to take my business and my life. The fact that these two were able to nail my style dead-on is beyond me. Their excitement over establishing my new brand was so infectious. Honestly, when my collateral arrived in the mail, myself and friends were ecstatic and over the moon at the result. Everything was so beautiful. So “me.” So perfect. Plus, they were able to really listen to my business goals. Knowing that being eco-friendly was important to me, they designed and created collateral that really fit those ideals, and did not push anything beyond that. I couldn’t be more grateful for their understanding. I loved every second about MBH. The design part. The exploratory part. The consulting part. Every piece and the process really got e excited and helped me to identify every aspect of my business from a client experience perspective, which I appreciate completely. I could not be more thankful for having met Emily and Lara, let alone getting the chance to work with them. There are not enough words, hugs and thank yous that can truly express how I feel and how grateful I am for having them in my life.

Every single day is exciting for me because I get to continually introduce my new brand to so many people. Besides me absolutely loving my new brand, I have received so many overwhelmingly positive comments and feedback. Everyone loves the new logo. Everyone loves the color palette. And, my closest friends have continued to comment on how “me” the new brand is. The fact that Emily and Lara captured that just leaves me at a loss of words. How did you feel before your new brand transformation? How do you feel now? While I did like my brand before, it definitely was not me. The brand was the brainchild of my former business partner. What that fit her personality much more than mine. So, when given the opportunity to start over, I knew I wanted something that captured the essence of me. Now, I am literally so excited to show of all of my collateral and the new logo. It has me itching to launch my new website!

So much. Honestly. With me just having moved to a new market, it really gives me the opportunity to fine-tune my opportunities and better identify my ideal clients. I am looking forward to launching my new website / blog, establishing my business in Colorado and all over, building a team, and further growing as an individual. What I do is my passion, and I love that I have been given this opportunity to really make it mine in every possible way.

Truly an amazing experience!


Introducing Tanya Necole Events!

January 10 • 1 Comment »


Tanya Necole


Tanya Necole Walker wanted to make a splash in the coastal Southern wedding market. After an in-depth study of her ideal client and market base, a beautiful new brand was created to help her take things to the next level. What a remarkable transformation!

I am so happy with the end result. I had an idea of what I wanted but I wasn’t sure if I was conveying that to Emily and Lara when we talked. After discussing my brand identity, they nailed it! My new brand is everything that I asked for and so much more. I can’t wait to show everyone!

I now have a very clear direction of where the Tanya Necole brand is going and what it will encompass.

Take the leap….just do it. I was scared of change, because I really wasn’t sure if it was what I needed. Also, have patience. Branding takes time, and it is not a process you should rush through.

Honestly, my biggest fear about the process was whether I would be spending precious dollars on something that I either didn’t like or something that was a cookie-cutter version of most other planners. I’m relieved to see that the money was well worth the result, and my brand is UNIQUE.

This experience has meant a lot to me because the consulting sessions with Lara really helped me to sit down and focus on who I was targeting and what exactly I was offering. I know it sounds silly, but I hadn’t really done that before. Emily is so sweet! From the moment we first spoke I was instantly at ease. She really listened to what I did and didn’t like aesthetically, and took the time to make sure the brand reflected not only my business image, but my own personality as well. She totally rocked it on the first try. Ah-ma-zing.

Before my new brand transformation I was really unsure of a lot of things. After planning events as “Exceptional Events”, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a name change and what that name would be. I wasn’t sure what logo/color scheme would reflect the image that I wanted to project, and I wasn’t sure of the direction of my company or target market. I feel so much more confident now knowing that I have a new image and a solid identity. I feel like everything is moving in the right direction with a solid foundation.

Wow, what doesn’t the future hold? I have big dreams for my new business, and I plan to take them on one day at a time.

I just want to say that I’m so glad that I did this. I had so many insecurities, doubts, and moments of indecisiveness that I didn’t know how this would turn out. I’m so happy that we stayed the course. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Introducing Cyn Kain Photography!

January 4 • 1 Comment »


Cyn Kain



We met Cyn at the Making Things Happen Intensive in Houston in 2010, where she expressed a deep desire to break out of her shell. Her transformation has been incredible! Inside and out – in her brand and in life – Cyn emerged as a true leader this year. Her happy spirit and beautiful imagery shine brightly in this new framework and business structure. The new Cyn Kain is driven, confident and so ready for continued greatness ahead!

I am so thrilled that this brand is me…ALL ME…it fits my personal style, it represents my personality and it is exactly what I envisioned for my new brand. I am most excited about my future with this brand. As many of you have heard over and over from Lara – YOUR LOGO IS NOT YOUR BRAND. While I am head over heels in love with my logo (especially my little owl) – I am so thrilled to have a cohesive brand that might start with my logo + website, but I carry every inch of detail through to the final package being delivered to my client.

Through the process I will say I absolutely developed a more distinct voice + clarity. I can be indecisive at times and I finally realized that this is MY brand, MY business and MY passion – and that needed to show. I also gained clarity in how I wanted my business to run, how I wanted my clients to feel…but most important – I pinned down who my ideal client was.

If you’re scared about “branding” you really need to sit down and do some serious honest talk with yourself and/or a loved one. Decide if you’re happy with where you are and what your brand represents. Chances are if you’re considering rebranding you need to do it. I will be honest, I was nervous and there are times where you might hit a wall, I know I did…but you will break through it and it will be totally worth it. You are not going to run the business you dream of or have the opportunity to work with your ideal client if you don’t whole-heartly believe in your brand and what it has to offer…and if you don’t feel that way how can your client?

My fear was that it was too soon – that It was wishful thinking – that I was too new to the industry to spend money on branding – that who was I to think I can work with my ideal client when there are so many awesomely talented people out there. As I saw my brand transform one step at a time, those fears faded. For me, yes there were days of second guessing, but that is where your support system will help you through it.

Lara and Emily truly went above and beyond for me.  One of the most important aspects of working with Lara and Emily for me was they encouraged me speak up about what exactly I wanted. Yes, they gave their opinion every step of the way, but ultimately they were there to guide me and and lend me their expertise on the market I wanted to succeed in – they never overshadowed me or pressured me into something. They truly wanted my brand to be authentic and I love that about them.

I was seriously over the moon with excitement for a week after I officially launched. I of course shouted my news from the rooftops and was overwhelmed with responses from family, friends, colleagues and clients. The best feedback that I received was that it was “Totally Cyn – simple and classic”. This came from a previous client and it made me smile so big. I feel excited, energized, and proud.

One big thing I took away from Making Things Happen is celebrating the little and big…this was absolutely one of those moments for me. Goals, lots and lots of goals. With this new brand came so much energy and motivation to make even more happen.

I want to learn more, do more, meet more people….There is just lots more for me to do and experience than to sit still and not live life to the fullest.

Making Brands Happen was a great fit for me and Lara + Emily were the perfect catalyst I needed to step it up a notch. If you’re on the brink – do some serious soul searching, be honest with where you are, what you want and what it will take to get there. Lara + Emily can work wonders (seriously, I think they’re some super gorgeous magicians) IF you are willing to be 100% authentic and honest with yourself and with them. They will push you…they will hold you accountable…and they help you transform and build the brand of your dreams. Lara + Emily helped me make it happen.