Introducing Tanya Necole Events!

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Tanya Necole

Tanya Necole Walker wanted to make a splash in the coastal Southern wedding market. After an in-depth study of her ideal client and market base, a beautiful new brand was created to help her take things to the next level. What a remarkable transformation!

I am so happy with the end result. I had an idea of what I wanted but I wasn’t sure if I was conveying that to Emily and Lara when we talked. After discussing my brand identity, they nailed it! My new brand is everything that I asked for and so much more. I can’t wait to show everyone!

I now have a very clear direction of where the Tanya Necole brand is going and what it will encompass.

Take the leap….just do it. I was scared of change, because I really wasn’t sure if it was what I needed. Also, have patience. Branding takes time, and it is not a process you should rush through.

Honestly, my biggest fear about the process was whether I would be spending precious dollars on something that I either didn’t like or something that was a cookie-cutter version of most other planners. I’m relieved to see that the money was well worth the result, and my brand is UNIQUE.

This experience has meant a lot to me because the consulting sessions with Lara really helped me to sit down and focus on who I was targeting and what exactly I was offering. I know it sounds silly, but I hadn’t really done that before. Emily is so sweet! From the moment we first spoke I was instantly at ease. She really listened to what I did and didn’t like aesthetically, and took the time to make sure the brand reflected not only my business image, but my own personality as well. She totally rocked it on the first try. Ah-ma-zing.

Before my new brand transformation I was really unsure of a lot of things. After planning events as “Exceptional Events”, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a name change and what that name would be. I wasn’t sure what logo/color scheme would reflect the image that I wanted to project, and I wasn’t sure of the direction of my company or target market. I feel so much more confident now knowing that I have a new image and a solid identity. I feel like everything is moving in the right direction with a solid foundation.

Wow, what doesn’t the future hold? I have big dreams for my new business, and I plan to take them on one day at a time.

I just want to say that I’m so glad that I did this. I had so many insecurities, doubts, and moments of indecisiveness that I didn’t know how this would turn out. I’m so happy that we stayed the course. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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  1. Tanya Walker says:

    Yay! I’m so excited to be featured. LOVE IT! xoxo

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