Introducing Brit Stewart Weddings!

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Brit Stewart Weddings

Brit Stewart came to us via Making Things Happen. With a strong background in business, Brit wanted a gorgeous visual brand that reflected her sophisticated, solid, energetic business savvy. After a company name change and an exciting process, we are thrilled reveal the new Brit Stewart Weddings!

Ahh. What’s not to love? The thing I absolutely love the most is how absolutely “me” my new brand is. It matches my personality, my style, my business and my wedding style. Classic. Modern. Beautiful. Colorful.

I think what has changed for me personally is really just a clearer direction and better focus. I know exactly the type of client I want to work with. The style of wedding I want to work on. And, how I want to run my business. The entire Making Brands Happen experience has really reinvigorated a lot of the things I knew about myself, but never really paid attention to.

Be true to yourself. In every possible way. Trying to be something or someone else will get you nowhere. You have to own who you are, and know that YOU are ultimately what is going to attract clients. At the end of the day, you want everything about your brand, the entire experience, to be a fit with who you are.

I honestly never really had many fears about the process. I more or less just had questions, and a strong desire for getting to the bottom of who I am.

My experiences with Lara and Emily have been amazing and rewarding. It sounds odd coming from the client-end of things, but between the both of them I have been fortunate to learn so much about myself, but also about where I want to take my business and my life. The fact that these two were able to nail my style dead-on is beyond me. Their excitement over establishing my new brand was so infectious. Honestly, when my collateral arrived in the mail, myself and friends were ecstatic and over the moon at the result. Everything was so beautiful. So “me.” So perfect. Plus, they were able to really listen to my business goals. Knowing that being eco-friendly was important to me, they designed and created collateral that really fit those ideals, and did not push anything beyond that. I couldn’t be more grateful for their understanding. I loved every second about MBH. The design part. The exploratory part. The consulting part. Every piece and the process really got e excited and helped me to identify every aspect of my business from a client experience perspective, which I appreciate completely. I could not be more thankful for having met Emily and Lara, let alone getting the chance to work with them. There are not enough words, hugs and thank yous that can truly express how I feel and how grateful I am for having them in my life.

Every single day is exciting for me because I get to continually introduce my new brand to so many people. Besides me absolutely loving my new brand, I have received so many overwhelmingly positive comments and feedback. Everyone loves the new logo. Everyone loves the color palette. And, my closest friends have continued to comment on how “me” the new brand is. The fact that Emily and Lara captured that just leaves me at a loss of words. How did you feel before your new brand transformation? How do you feel now? While I did like my brand before, it definitely was not me. The brand was the brainchild of my former business partner. What that fit her personality much more than mine. So, when given the opportunity to start over, I knew I wanted something that captured the essence of me. Now, I am literally so excited to show of all of my collateral and the new logo. It has me itching to launch my new website!

So much. Honestly. With me just having moved to a new market, it really gives me the opportunity to fine-tune my opportunities and better identify my ideal clients. I am looking forward to launching my new website / blog, establishing my business in Colorado and all over, building a team, and further growing as an individual. What I do is my passion, and I love that I have been given this opportunity to really make it mine in every possible way.

Truly an amazing experience!


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  1. naomi says:

    Absolutely stunningly Brit! This is gorgeous and I am so happy for her. Brit this is you my friend! So you!

  2. Beautiful Brit! It is absolutely YOU! I can’t wait for the website!

  3. Steffanie says:

    Love your look Brit! Kudos to Making Brands Happen for an awesome job!

  4. This is fabulous. So clean, and crisp. I’m so excited for you Brit and now that you’re in Colorado, I hope to work with you and your clients soon! Congrats!

  5. liz rotz says:

    Ladies you nailed it! Everything is so Brit and couldn’t look cuter! I’m so excited about it!

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