Introducing Caroline Joy Photography!

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Caroline Joy

We met Caroline at Making Things Happen Maui. This video, shot just over a year ago, tells the story of her beginning. “I want to break through…” Through a transformative year, pushing her art to the limits, Caroline is a new woman. Recently married to the love of her life, her new brand shows the world just how deep and wide her love and care runs for everyone she meets and how much value she places on marriage and vibrant relationships. Ms. Joy most definitely broke through!

Words cannot express how it feels to hand someone a business card and be PROUD of that thoughtfully crafted business card and the well-edited website it will direct that person to. My new brand makes me proud all the way down to my toes, and that feeling has transformed me and my business.

I’ve embraced leadership. I’m not just trying to keep up with “the competition” anymore. I’ve learned how to leave that behind to pursue a vision that I wholeheartedly believe in. My business has a clear mission statement now, and since I’m so passionate about carrying that out, I’m blazing new trails in the industry and growing into a leader. A mover. A shaker. ☺

First, I’d say you should be a little afraid! ☺ I understand how daunting it is to put your company’s identity in someone else’s hands. I’d been branded twice before with two different companies and my experiences left me disappointed. But, the great news is, you don’t have to be afraid when you let Lara and Emily take the journey with you. Lara and Emily invested so much time and energy in getting to know my business and helping me define the heart of it. The resulting brand is not only visually gorgeous, but most importantly, it’s a genuine reflection of what I stand for. They equipped me with a plan of action to implement my brand in a meaningful way. They gave me a true brand, not just a trendy logo. They took the heart and soul of my business and translated it into something my clients can connect with.

I was continually astounded at how consistent Emily and Lara were in their timeliness and punctuality. Never was a deadline missed. Never did a question of mine go unanswered for days. Every promise was kept. I know Emily and Lara have many clients to serve, but they genuinely made me feel like I was their only client. You can’t help but respect a company that practices what they preach, and Emily and Lara did to a T. They were a living example of “how to treat your clients.” That inspiration alone was priceless.




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  1. I just love this brand!! The colors are so romantic and classic. I know brides will just fall in love with it. Fabulous, as always Emily and Lara, and congratulations Caroline!

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