Introducing Erin McLean Events!

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Erin McLean

From the moment we met Erin, we knew that fire inside her was just getting started! What a phenomenal year it has been for her! As a successful wedding planner and designer in North Carolina, she wanted a brand and new business structure that allowed her to harness the potential she knew she had. After revamping her pricing and sales strategy and giving her visual brand an overhaul, the new Erin McLean Events has been thrust into the spotlight as one of the top planning and design firms in the South!

What excites me most about my new branding how fresh and clean it is. It feels so much like me. EME has grown so well in the past few years and I wanted it to feel more authentic to what we do!  I was able to zone in on who my ideal client is and focus on marketing to her. I am excited about the freshness and personality in my new website and blog.

This whole process has really given me a clear direction for my brand. I was able to “de-clutter” business practices that weren’t productive and focus in on my brides’ planning experience

My advice for others who are scared about branding I go for it. It is so important to be focusing on who my ideal bride is.  It is so relieving to not try to market to everyone.

I was totally hesitant in the beginning because I had already been in business for 4 years and was married to my old brand (pun intended J ). So switching my logo and other items was a bit scary. However, once I got to work with Emily and Lara it became clear that this was still very much Erin McLean Events, but so much better!

This experience has allowed  me to bring my business to the next level. It has clarified my purpose and direction. For that I am so EXCITED!!

The best feedback I received was people saying my new branding felt so much like Erin McLean and Erin McLean Events. As a planner we sell our personalities, skills, and expertise. This can be tough to convey in a website, but with Making Brands Happen it was much easier  A lot of work, but so clear in how to accomplish it!

Before the brand transformation I felt a bit muddled in my brand and who I was marketing to. Now I have a clear direction and am so excited to see where EME goes!

Big things!!! EME is growing with the addition of two more wedding planners and we are so excited to what is to come.




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  1. I love this transformation! I’m attending the Amber Housley Inspired workshop here in Nashville and Erin will be there as well!

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