Introducing Emily Steffen!

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Emily Steffen

Where do we even begin with Emily Steffen!? Combining her fierce passion for her art, a natural eye for phenomenal photography, her remarkable creativity in textile design and a keen attention to her client experience, Emily is a powerhouse! Her old brand put her in far too small of a box, so we created a whole new business structure for her that allows her to flourish in all arenas. The new Emily Steffen brand is expansive, powerful and as diverse as her many talents. There’s no stopping Ms. Steffen now!

The fact that it’s 100% me. Not a reproduced version of what’s pretty or what’s popular in the industry; I took the time to work through what I wanted as a web presence, how I wanted to be represented and what kinds of clients I aim to get. The potential of how this can grow my business is exponential because brides will be able to understand ME for what I truly offer and am passionate about!

I started the process to not only expand my presence in the wedding industry but also to tap into a passion that I have for fabrics and handmade goods! Working through the process of rebranding and adding this second business has given me a clearer direction of not only what I’m passionate about, but what my idea bride is and what she’ll be drawn to. I ended up with EMILY STEFFEN as a branded artist instead of EMILY STEFFEN as just a photographer. I realized that I AM more than just a photographer and the other mediums that I create with truly effect my work with brides.

This process was unique for me because I thought I had already had a good hold of what my “brand” was as a photographer. But I was challenged to think differently. I was challenged to think about myself as a bigger brand; to let my dreams infiltrate my daily thoughts and to allow myself to make a change to what I’ve already established in the industry. Going through the branding process is scary because you have to face many questions of “who am I” and “what do I want to bring as a creative”, but it’s a process that will yield an authentic, true YOU that has confidence and direction. When you face these realities and questions, you are left with the striped down version of your passions and your goals…that’s when branding becomes fun because it isn’t about the industry or whats popular, it’s about YOU and your passions and what you want to CREATE in the industry.

To have someone like Lara, who comes from MUCH success and can see things beyond just what my little slice of the wedding industry, was fantastic for me. She gave perspective, honest feedback and constructive criticism. She see’s the big picture and was able to speak works of encouragement and success into my life. Running a business and keeping up with client after client can ware us down and leave us feeling just “ok” with what we’ve been doing; she came along and challenged my ways of thinking in many areas. The questions she brought out in myself and the way that she taught me to expect of myself are life-altering concepts that can be applied to more than just business. Lara’s skills combined with Emily’s design talents make one team that is worth hiring over and over. Emily took my ideas and my personality and made it into a cohesive, well-designed finished product. She was amazingly fast and had ideas galore with everything that I addressed with her. She is also one HECK of a mentor! Seeing how Emily, herself, is able to juggle being a successful business woman, mommy and wife (among many other things) is just downright inspiring. I sing the praises of these two ladies, because they are WORTH IT! 🙂


I feel like I have opened up a world of possibilities. I’ve been given permission to dream anything I think of and I now have the skills to make this happen! 🙂




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  1. So honored to be featured on the blog today! 😉 thank you thank you ladies!!!

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