Introducing The Bridal Circle!

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Sade Awe

We truly created The Bridal Circle from the ground up: a brand new business with an innovative business model, brilliant strategy and stunning visuals to reflect the exclusive luxury nature of the company. Formerly The Bridal Couture Closet, owner Sade came to us looking to create a company that instantly had a hold on the luxury wedding market. Upon launch, it was clear that we had accomplished that goal and more! The Bridal Circle is the top source for luxury wedding vendors and, with the exclusive Experts Panel as part of the membership, an innovative leader in vendor education nationwide.

It’s built on the foundation of luxury and providing a one of kind experience for both the vendor and the bride. In this experience, the bride is provided with a menu of choices of luxury vendors at her fingertips. I am thrilled with the concept and thrilled with how this will impact potential brides and high quality vendors with exceptional service.

It’s been an incredible journey of growth. My initial vision and strategy shifted in a different direction from my original idea (The Bridal Couture Closet) and ended up being a much broader concept that was more aligned with my true passion of service.

“Just Do It”!  Throw all caution to the wind because you have nothing to lose but fear itself!  Lara Casey immediately makes you feel invincible and she will walk you through every step.

My fears were not knowing where to start and how would all tie together.  Emily and Lara brought my vision to life!

On the day of my website launch, I was overwhelmed by the immediate and positive response.  The icing on the cake (no pun intended) was when a potential customer, whom I admire dearly, after viewing my website said, “I love your website is so palatable, it exudes luxury. You are going to be a leader in this and you will do extremely well.”

Ecstatic, elated and joyful!

I feel the world is wide open to me!




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