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Christi Lopez of Bergerons

Christi Lopez is a phenomenal floral designer in the DC area. She came to us with a very outdated brand that hindered her from being seen as the innovative floral design diva that she is! Through a deep internal process, Christi not only emerged with a stunning new brand but a new confidence. It’s a whole new patch of posies for Bergeron’s! What an exciting and fresh transformation!

The logo and business cards! Wooo Hooo! (tactile)
The feeling of renewed joy in my work (mentally)

Definitely laser-focused direction. Knowing where I want my own personal goals to be and how I want my clients to see my business.

Jump in- you won’t be sorry! It’s a big step, but worth the journey.

Two Main fears: 1) That I couldn’t afford the change- monetarily or business-wise (meaning this meant a step away from a portion of my business that I had grown to rely on)  2) Having someone else design a new logo for my business since I had a background in design and had done all of my own design work since inception. The fears changed as I realized that going back to my love of design for special events really was my sweet spot and I had been stuffing that for the past 13 years. Releasing the best part of me has catapulted the studio to a new level that I haven’t ever seen before.

Having Lara was the probing questions as I entered into this process really made me get to the core of who I am. This didn’t happen overnight! She still had to ask those questions again half-way through the process. Emily…sweet Emily helped me realize I can let go and let someone else design something that perfectly reflects me! You both have a gift.

Each time I hand out my business card, the person stops and comments how beautiful it is. They want to keep it, which means to mean that it conveys beauty, elegance and quality. Perfect!!

Before- Stuck! After- Although the new brand hasn’t been officially released, it is already working! My outlook has changed as well, which really makes a difference.

Dreaming Big-Making My Heart Sing 🙂

I learned that what it means to “make it” to someone else, doesn’t necessarily mean the same to me. I want to attract clients that love my/Bergerons style and artistic design—that is really my meaning of success.



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  1. Well, it was worth the wait! I couldn’t have made this jump without both of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    May your 2012 be inspired as you lead others Making Brands Happen.
    Cheers, Lara & Emily!

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