Introducing Hansel Dobbs Photography!

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Hansel Dobbs

Hansel Dobbs now has it all – keen attention to the client experience, off-the-charts incredible imagery, a sense of humor that makes everyone he meets feel at ease, a collateral suite that could be showcased in an art gallery, a website that really gives him a framework in which to shine and strategy geared to catapult his business into a brilliant future. Hansel wanted to go big and it’s just the beginning of the awesomeness you will see from him with this new brand.

I am the most excited about having a complete and cohesive brand rather than a patchwork of things done by a range of services and graphics/programming professionals. I am also excited about the brand being exactly what I wanted and that I really really love it.

I have learned a lot about a brand and also just a lot of little things that Lara and Emily have shared with me via answered questions and just getting their opinion on things I am thinking about doing. I really enjoyed reading the document that Lara sent over called “The Challenge” and I have learned a lot of things through that as well.

I think a well developed brand does a lot of things. It instills confidence in the client, it helps fill out a more complete client experience, and it also just expands your personality into all the nooks and crannies of your company. I think it’s really hard to do all of these things with a template and logo.

My primary fears were two-fold. The first one was a fear of whether or not the “Making Brands Happen” client experience and communication would actually be up to the price I paid. The second fear was whether or not the graphic design abilities would be there to really bring my brand to life as I saw it in my head. I had tried other companies before with things that were far cheaper only to end up with something not at all what I hoped for. The client experience, customer service, advice, and help provided throughout my time with Making Brands Happen was just unreal. In fact, I really can’t think of any other consumer experience equal to it except maybe Apple. When I asked a question I got an answer within 24 hours. When I asked for advice, I got opinions based on experience. I was kept in the loop as to how things were coming along and what I needed to provide along the way. I also got letters and cards from Lara on some really sweet paper in the mailbox. I was nervous about if I would get what I really really wanted and they have certainly delivered. I love it! It’s me! It is now my company, my brand, and my collateral through and through.

They were an oasis in the desert quite literally. They were exactly what I needed where there is no one else providing. I have been a wedding photographer for 6 years and for the last few years I had in my head what I wanted, but no one to really go to to make it happen. I could have gone to a web designer, but they would have asked me what colors I wanted, what fonts I wanted, how I wanted my twitter background to look, and a whole bunch of things that quite frankly I either just wouldn’t know the answer to or I would not have done the right thing when considering the target market I am after. Lara and Emily had the answers. They knew which colors went with what. I didn’t even know I needed a twitter background, but I got one in an email and it was awesome. Lara edited my bio for me so it sounded better, let me know how many pictures I should have in my galleries, and vetoed a handful of website designs before showing me the best one. Lara and Emily give solutions based on experience and not just any solutions; great solutions.

Before the transformation I didn’t feel that I was really communicating my value adequately to people coming to my site. I felt like I was getting lost in the shuffle maybe. Now, I know I stand out. I know that when someone comes to my site that they are going to enjoy the experience, smile a little, and maybe just book them a wedding photographer. Actually, before the transformation it was like having an employee at the register that just didn’t dress well or communicate well. They were turning customers away. Now I have a really awesome face to my company.

I am being much more aggressive with marketing myself with venues and vendors in the DFW area and I plan to start doing other kinds of photography as well. I am really working hard to expand to some of the nicer venues in Dallas.




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