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Introducing Kailey-Michelle!

March 28 • 2 Comments »


Kailey-Michelle Plain


Kailey-Michelle wanted a fresh start and a brand that allowed her love of all things romantic to blossom. She wanted to inspire couples to love deeply and motivate fellow entrepreneurial women to make big things happen in their lives. Through our unique process, Kailey-Michelle overcame so many fears and emerged as a true leader. Equipped with a stunning new visual brand and back-end strategy to match, she has stepped onto the Canadian wedding scene with both feet planted firmly.

My brand is the most authentic representation of my soul possible- My heart in purest form and it thrills me to no end, to have clients and colleagues see the real me throughout  every layer of my business.  Having people tell me (many times prior to ever meeting) “I feel like I’ve known you for years,” and “you should be my bridesmaid, not my planner,” is the greatest complement I could be blessed with.

The biggest change, since working with Lara + Emily, was learning to hold myself to a standard of Grace, rather than my {overwhelming and disheartening} standard of “perfection.” In approaching my everyday with this standard, I have finally found the joy and contentment I was seeking in life and in my business. They gave me the genuine purpose, focus and confidence I was seeking in my journey.

Be prepared for self discovery. The process of “branding” is so much more than a system, a look or an entity; it’s your heart, alive and soaring. Be prepared for BIG change, immeasurable growth and genuine empowerment. Because when your journey comes to a close, you’ll be unstoppable- just watch!

I had tried for many years to give the world what I thought it wanted, rather than approaching business authentically.
I had a “business” face and I approached everything in my work with this entity. Out of fear- of rejection, failure and true success– it became a wall that eventually suffocated my passion. The spark that once illuminate my way had diminished and I craved it’s triumphant return.
MBH was my road there: I faced my fears, owned by light and learnt to see my flaws a beautiful: “character.”

Lara + Emily were a constant source of encouragement + wisdom- inspiring me each day, to be a more authentic and empowered version of myself.
I was consistently blown away by their in depth understanding of who I am as an individual, what makes me unique and what I genuinely wanted for my brand. Their level of professionalism is unparalleled, yet cozy, like your favorite flannel pj’s.
I simply cannot say enough! They were my missing link- the invaluable and poignant key to success.

Coming in to it, I felt stifled, overworked and suffocated. I had tried every which way I knew possible, to get my business where I wanted it; but still, my gallant efforts left me little more than disheartened and unsure.
Now, I feel like running through a field with 1000 balloon! Lara + Emily showed me the path, reminding me of the light I have within me, even when I couldn’t see it.

I truly feel like this is just the start! The opportunities are endless and I am tickled daily, by the doors that continue to fly open- things I never dreamt possible!
I have been immeasurably blessed and I owe it all to Lara + Emily.

People ask me all the time, what I attribute my recent success to and my answers is always the same:  Making Brands Happen. It’s as simple and profound as that!




Introducing Geomyra Lewis!

March 21 • 2 Comments »


Geomyra Lewis


Geomyra Lewis came to us under the company name Exceeding Expectations Events. Spend five minutes with this brilliant, giving, innovative DC wedding planner and you instantly wonder why she was hiding behind a company name that didn’t let her personality shine. After renaming the company to Geomyra Lewis Weddings and Events, an authentic and explosive brand was born! Mrs. Lewis is now fully equipped with a new powerful business strategy and an incredible visual brand to match! New confidence, new style, innovative strategy and a new company name that makes you feel excited! Geomyra Lewis is ready to make her mark.

I can finally say that I have a brand that I am proud of! I knew my old brand was missing something and through the branding process realized it was missing the attention to detail that I give my clients. My new brand is an accurate portrayal of who I am and what I have to offer!

Without a doubt I have a crisp and clearer path for my business. I have learned to clear the clutter and focus on what matters personally and professionally. I have learned to give what I want to get back and to stop settling for less than great. Through Making Things Happen and Making Brands Happen I have decided to stop settling and playing small. I realized that I deserve only the best as do my clients and family.

You have nothing to lose, only a ton to gain! The beauty in working with Lara + Emily is that you get to strip down to the core and reveal your true authentic self, making your business ten times better than before!

As a planner I did not know what to expect. I didn’t know many people who had rebranded only a few of my MTH & Engage!11 friends (Caitlin Sullivan & Kathy Romero). I quickly learned that Lara + Emily were going to make me dig deep and build my brand from the ground up. Because of that fact, I committed and have never spent more hours working on such a personal project in my entire life. Soooo well worth it! I learned that you have to let go and let God in all aspects of your life, personally and professionally. Through prayer and hard work, my fears melted away and were replaced with excitement!!

Where do I begin? From the moment that I met Lara + Emily, I could feel and understand the passion and love that they have for their work, clients and family. I realized that they have a strong, confident and solid business(es) because they work hard and focus on authenticity and have a strong faith in God; Two things that are very important in my life. Lara taught me to give what I want to get back and the importance of quality of quantity. Emily taught (teaches) me the importance of balancing family and the love of what I do professionally. By focusing on the client experience they taught me the importance of surrounding myself with people who share the same passion and drive that I have….hence why I trusted them and why they remain mentors to me ☺

Colleagues and family members have been blown away at the new “Geomyra Lewis Weddings and Events.” My new brand has received positive feedback for its fresh and crisp look. My new website showcases my talents and accurately depicts the love I have for what I do.

Before I felt I was “going through the motions.” (Client inquiry, proposal, contract, wedding day). The rebranding process taught me the importance of establishing personal relationships with my clients and the importance of consistency. Because of that, I am a better planner. Instead of always focusing on the logistical aspects of an event, I am focusing on the details in all aspects of my clients lives.

We know you have what it takes to make all of your dreams happen!
I am so excited at what is ahead for me in the new year. I have already claimed 2012 as my year to make HUGE things happen. Lara + Emily + Cathy have equipped me with the tools and confidence needed to take my business to the next level. Now it is up to me to make it all happen!

Lara often talks about the client experience. She and Emily do an amazing job making their clients feel like they are the only client that they have. I appreciate the time and energy that they spent to help me set the foundation for living my dreams. My personal timeline…
2010 2011 2012 (MY YEAR!!)  Making Things Happen→ Making Brands Happen→MAKING LIFE HAPPEN!




Introducing Gem Photo!

March 14 • 1 Comment »


Emily Scott of Gem Photo


Emily’s boundless energy and creativity are contagious! When we first met Emily in Maui at the Making Things Happen Intensive in 2010, we could feel that zest for life starting to surface. Over this transformative year, she has taken the photography world by storm and inspired so many others to dream big in the process. Armed with a new pricing structure, workflow, stunning visuals and a new lease on life, the Gem Photo brand has brilliant wings. Appropriately, a whimsical bright heart dances throughout her new brand!

What really excites me is that having a cohesive and professional brand and website is helping me connect not just with my ideal bride, but it is also helping me connect with other wedding professionals. Having a brand that reflects my passions and tastes is a clear bridge towards working with other people who share similar passions and dreams – and there is nothing that excites me more than collaborating creatively with other artists.

Personally I think that it has given me confidence in my own voice and style – and I am continually refining my work now to make that voice stronger. I always get excited when I post something and people respond by saying “This is so YOU!” and I know that they are right because they see it fit in with everything else I am passionate about.

I think a lot of people are scared to commit to something – whether it’s a logo or color or website – but thinking that your branding needs to be what you personally like can be misleading. Instead, thinking about it from the perspective of what I want people to feel, has given me a much clearer focus and vision for my business. Once Lara helped me figure out the big picture for my branding, all the little decisions I began to make day to day became easier. In that way making hard decisions on what your brand is going to be about can actually help make your life as a business owner easier in the long run, and I’m so glad I went through the process fully.

I was afraid that they would want to get rid of my logo, which I felt was strong. Instead, they agreed that I should keep it, but they helped me build a brand experience around it – the colors, the collateral. In the end my logo has become even better because they helped me figure out what else it needed. I was also afraid of picking colors because I was worried that I would change my mind about them later. Instead, they helped me figure out what I wanted my brand to feel like, and once we did that work, I felt confident about choosing colors, and I haven’t regretted a single color choice since.

I remember having a moment the day that Emily sent me my pricing guide. As I scrolled through that PDF tears literally began to stream down my face. Finally, I felt like my work, that I had been practicing so hard to perfect, finally had a place where it belonged. It had text, it had colors, and it had a place where people could see it – and my worth as an artist – on a canvas that didn’t distract from it. In a lot of ways building this brand and website with Lara and Emily helped me dream bigger dreams for my business than I ever thought possible. I remember that early process of talking through my vision with Lara and every challenge she gave me lit a fire in me to reach farther. I feel like at the end of this branding process I am now looking at the beginning of becoming who I am meant to be in this industry and with my business.


To me the most exciting moments were when people didn’t just tell me how beautiful everything was – and they did tell me that – but when they told me that everything felt GENUINE. REAL. And also when they would tell me that it was inspiring, and taking everything to the next level. Those comments fired me up because I felt like we had achieved the goal – that this was more than a new look – it was a new dream.

I always felt the need to justify things – whether it was my pricing – or my website not working properly – or whatever it was – I felt like I couldn’t be completely proud of my work. Now I feel like my best is out there for everyone to see, and I don’t have to worry if they don’t like it, because if they don’t then they simply aren’t the right clients for me. There is freedom now from those worries.


A goal that I continue to strive for is to run a business with integrity. To have great work and a beautiful website and brand to showcase it is amazing but I want to deliver on everything I promise through that and much more. This year I am striving to grow as an artist, figure out how to surprise and delight my brides, and to share my progress as authentically as I can through writing on my blog. One of my goals is one day to attend Engage! so I am going to put that out in the universe as well. And maybe one day write a book, as soon as I can figure out what the story should be about.

Everything good that has happened to me in the past year has been a result of following an inkling and taking a risk, even when I couldn’t fully justify it. I think that’s what it means to follow your heart. I’m still figuring things out. As my husband constantly reminds me when I’m freaking out (as I tend to do a LOT, because a perfectionist) – what is really the worst that can happen? Say it out loud. And like I do in those moments, you might realize the worst that can happen isn’t worth ignoring your heart.




Introducing Kim Percival Photography!

March 7 • Comment »


Kim Percival


We met Kim Percival in 2011 at Making Things Happen NYC. Kim came to us with a sincere passion for photography and a deep love for her family. Her old brand didn't reflect the bold, infectious, beautiful Kim we came to know. Now, poised with a beautiful brand that truly matches her endearing personality and the foundation upon which her business is based, Kim is a wildly succesful and sought-after photographer.

EVERYTHING!!  It’s such a beautiful representation of who I am as not only a photographer, but a mother, wife, human being.  It is me.  The me I didn’t have the courage to see before embarking on a new brand design and consultation.  Also, the beauty of the brand is that is will grow with me as I grow!  It’s just perfect!

SO MUCH!!  I had so many things personally going on during this process that had a direct result in the final product that it’s hard to put my finger on what one thing changed through the process.  If I had to narrow it down it would be that this process allowed for a road map or a bible of sorts to base my business on.  As ideas and changes come up, I can refer back to the documents made during this process to determine if it’s a good fit or direction to take.

Re-“Branding” is truly soul searching.  To live up to your full potential as an artist, business person and human you need to be willing and ready to search out all the little pieces that make you who you are.  There is nothing to fear in that, only positive outcomes will result.

My fears were in my ability to actually run a business and have it be as high functioning as I want it to be, while also balancing it with my personal life.  Those fears have not changed, but the branding process and final outcome provides me a visual representation and client experience to help with my decision making process as I continue to grow and change all the while pursuing “high function” and balance.

I adore Lara and Emily.  I consider them my friends, women that I want to be inspired by and to inspire in return.  They were willing to go down a path with me and hold my hand when that’s what I needed and tell me to stand up straight when that’s what was needed.  I highly recommend them!  They are the consummate professionals.  They really dig deep with you to identify and define a brand that is an authentic representation of you and your business.  I can’t thank them enough!!

I was recently told by a client that she was “very impressed by [my] website and the look of everything that represents [me] and [my] business.”  Others have also commented on my marketing and how good it was.  This is all awesome unsolicited feeback that I love to get, but really … I LOVE IT!!  It is a clear representation of what and who I want my business to be and gives me solid ground to build upon over the next few months and years.  That feeling in my gut is the best feedback that I can haved.

I felt that I constantly wanted to change the visual identity of my brand, which I think affected my business decisions.  I felt unsatisfied.  With the visual identity and the client experience in order, I have been able to set up processes that match.  I am a much more relaxed version of me knowing that there is a process to follow to get the job done.


The future holds so much.  I am just establishing my business in Texas (having moved from New Jersey) and love that my branding is where it needs to be so that I can focus on building and marketing my business.  I am proud of my brand.

I would hire these 2 ladies again with no hesitation.  They love what they do, they love and get to intimately know their clients and it shows in their work.