Introducing Kim Percival Photography!

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Kim Percival

We met Kim Percival in 2011 at Making Things Happen NYC. Kim came to us with a sincere passion for photography and a deep love for her family. Her old brand didn't reflect the bold, infectious, beautiful Kim we came to know. Now, poised with a beautiful brand that truly matches her endearing personality and the foundation upon which her business is based, Kim is a wildly succesful and sought-after photographer.

EVERYTHING!!  It’s such a beautiful representation of who I am as not only a photographer, but a mother, wife, human being.  It is me.  The me I didn’t have the courage to see before embarking on a new brand design and consultation.  Also, the beauty of the brand is that is will grow with me as I grow!  It’s just perfect!

SO MUCH!!  I had so many things personally going on during this process that had a direct result in the final product that it’s hard to put my finger on what one thing changed through the process.  If I had to narrow it down it would be that this process allowed for a road map or a bible of sorts to base my business on.  As ideas and changes come up, I can refer back to the documents made during this process to determine if it’s a good fit or direction to take.

Re-“Branding” is truly soul searching.  To live up to your full potential as an artist, business person and human you need to be willing and ready to search out all the little pieces that make you who you are.  There is nothing to fear in that, only positive outcomes will result.

My fears were in my ability to actually run a business and have it be as high functioning as I want it to be, while also balancing it with my personal life.  Those fears have not changed, but the branding process and final outcome provides me a visual representation and client experience to help with my decision making process as I continue to grow and change all the while pursuing “high function” and balance.

I adore Lara and Emily.  I consider them my friends, women that I want to be inspired by and to inspire in return.  They were willing to go down a path with me and hold my hand when that’s what I needed and tell me to stand up straight when that’s what was needed.  I highly recommend them!  They are the consummate professionals.  They really dig deep with you to identify and define a brand that is an authentic representation of you and your business.  I can’t thank them enough!!

I was recently told by a client that she was “very impressed by [my] website and the look of everything that represents [me] and [my] business.”  Others have also commented on my marketing and how good it was.  This is all awesome unsolicited feeback that I love to get, but really … I LOVE IT!!  It is a clear representation of what and who I want my business to be and gives me solid ground to build upon over the next few months and years.  That feeling in my gut is the best feedback that I can haved.

I felt that I constantly wanted to change the visual identity of my brand, which I think affected my business decisions.  I felt unsatisfied.  With the visual identity and the client experience in order, I have been able to set up processes that match.  I am a much more relaxed version of me knowing that there is a process to follow to get the job done.


The future holds so much.  I am just establishing my business in Texas (having moved from New Jersey) and love that my branding is where it needs to be so that I can focus on building and marketing my business.  I am proud of my brand.

I would hire these 2 ladies again with no hesitation.  They love what they do, they love and get to intimately know their clients and it shows in their work.




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