Introducing Geomyra Lewis!

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Geomyra Lewis

Geomyra Lewis came to us under the company name Exceeding Expectations Events. Spend five minutes with this brilliant, giving, innovative DC wedding planner and you instantly wonder why she was hiding behind a company name that didn’t let her personality shine. After renaming the company to Geomyra Lewis Weddings and Events, an authentic and explosive brand was born! Mrs. Lewis is now fully equipped with a new powerful business strategy and an incredible visual brand to match! New confidence, new style, innovative strategy and a new company name that makes you feel excited! Geomyra Lewis is ready to make her mark.

I can finally say that I have a brand that I am proud of! I knew my old brand was missing something and through the branding process realized it was missing the attention to detail that I give my clients. My new brand is an accurate portrayal of who I am and what I have to offer!

Without a doubt I have a crisp and clearer path for my business. I have learned to clear the clutter and focus on what matters personally and professionally. I have learned to give what I want to get back and to stop settling for less than great. Through Making Things Happen and Making Brands Happen I have decided to stop settling and playing small. I realized that I deserve only the best as do my clients and family.

You have nothing to lose, only a ton to gain! The beauty in working with Lara + Emily is that you get to strip down to the core and reveal your true authentic self, making your business ten times better than before!

As a planner I did not know what to expect. I didn’t know many people who had rebranded only a few of my MTH & Engage!11 friends (Caitlin Sullivan & Kathy Romero). I quickly learned that Lara + Emily were going to make me dig deep and build my brand from the ground up. Because of that fact, I committed and have never spent more hours working on such a personal project in my entire life. Soooo well worth it! I learned that you have to let go and let God in all aspects of your life, personally and professionally. Through prayer and hard work, my fears melted away and were replaced with excitement!!

Where do I begin? From the moment that I met Lara + Emily, I could feel and understand the passion and love that they have for their work, clients and family. I realized that they have a strong, confident and solid business(es) because they work hard and focus on authenticity and have a strong faith in God; Two things that are very important in my life. Lara taught me to give what I want to get back and the importance of quality of quantity. Emily taught (teaches) me the importance of balancing family and the love of what I do professionally. By focusing on the client experience they taught me the importance of surrounding myself with people who share the same passion and drive that I have….hence why I trusted them and why they remain mentors to me ☺

Colleagues and family members have been blown away at the new “Geomyra Lewis Weddings and Events.” My new brand has received positive feedback for its fresh and crisp look. My new website showcases my talents and accurately depicts the love I have for what I do.

Before I felt I was “going through the motions.” (Client inquiry, proposal, contract, wedding day). The rebranding process taught me the importance of establishing personal relationships with my clients and the importance of consistency. Because of that, I am a better planner. Instead of always focusing on the logistical aspects of an event, I am focusing on the details in all aspects of my clients lives.

We know you have what it takes to make all of your dreams happen!
I am so excited at what is ahead for me in the new year. I have already claimed 2012 as my year to make HUGE things happen. Lara + Emily + Cathy have equipped me with the tools and confidence needed to take my business to the next level. Now it is up to me to make it all happen!

Lara often talks about the client experience. She and Emily do an amazing job making their clients feel like they are the only client that they have. I appreciate the time and energy that they spent to help me set the foundation for living my dreams. My personal timeline…
2010 2011 2012 (MY YEAR!!)  Making Things Happen→ Making Brands Happen→MAKING LIFE HAPPEN!




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  2. Geomyra says:

    Can’t thank Lara, Emily,Cathy and Marissa enough for all of their hard work. You ladies are truly a blessing!

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