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Kailey-Michelle Plain

Kailey-Michelle wanted a fresh start and a brand that allowed her love of all things romantic to blossom. She wanted to inspire couples to love deeply and motivate fellow entrepreneurial women to make big things happen in their lives. Through our unique process, Kailey-Michelle overcame so many fears and emerged as a true leader. Equipped with a stunning new visual brand and back-end strategy to match, she has stepped onto the Canadian wedding scene with both feet planted firmly.

My brand is the most authentic representation of my soul possible- My heart in purest form and it thrills me to no end, to have clients and colleagues see the real me throughout  every layer of my business.  Having people tell me (many times prior to ever meeting) “I feel like I’ve known you for years,” and “you should be my bridesmaid, not my planner,” is the greatest complement I could be blessed with.

The biggest change, since working with Lara + Emily, was learning to hold myself to a standard of Grace, rather than my {overwhelming and disheartening} standard of “perfection.” In approaching my everyday with this standard, I have finally found the joy and contentment I was seeking in life and in my business. They gave me the genuine purpose, focus and confidence I was seeking in my journey.

Be prepared for self discovery. The process of “branding” is so much more than a system, a look or an entity; it’s your heart, alive and soaring. Be prepared for BIG change, immeasurable growth and genuine empowerment. Because when your journey comes to a close, you’ll be unstoppable- just watch!

I had tried for many years to give the world what I thought it wanted, rather than approaching business authentically.
I had a “business” face and I approached everything in my work with this entity. Out of fear- of rejection, failure and true success– it became a wall that eventually suffocated my passion. The spark that once illuminate my way had diminished and I craved it’s triumphant return.
MBH was my road there: I faced my fears, owned by light and learnt to see my flaws a beautiful: “character.”

Lara + Emily were a constant source of encouragement + wisdom- inspiring me each day, to be a more authentic and empowered version of myself.
I was consistently blown away by their in depth understanding of who I am as an individual, what makes me unique and what I genuinely wanted for my brand. Their level of professionalism is unparalleled, yet cozy, like your favorite flannel pj’s.
I simply cannot say enough! They were my missing link- the invaluable and poignant key to success.

Coming in to it, I felt stifled, overworked and suffocated. I had tried every which way I knew possible, to get my business where I wanted it; but still, my gallant efforts left me little more than disheartened and unsure.
Now, I feel like running through a field with 1000 balloon! Lara + Emily showed me the path, reminding me of the light I have within me, even when I couldn’t see it.

I truly feel like this is just the start! The opportunities are endless and I am tickled daily, by the doors that continue to fly open- things I never dreamt possible!
I have been immeasurably blessed and I owe it all to Lara + Emily.

People ask me all the time, what I attribute my recent success to and my answers is always the same:  Making Brands Happen. It’s as simple and profound as that!




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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my transformation on the blog! My experience holds such a near and special place in my heart and it’s an absolute pleasure to share it with others! Thanks E+L xo

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