Introducing Kathy Romero Events!

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Kathy Romero


Kathy Romero’s transformation was absolutely remarkable. After meeting her in New York City in January 2011 and seeing the fierce drive in her eyes, we knew there were brilliant fireworks ahead! Kathy wanted a new visual brand and company structure that put her on the map. After a total overhaul – including changing her company name from Concepts in Bloom – the new Kathy Romero Events lets her truly electric personality shine! Having this new brand let her authentic brilliance come out more than she ever anticipated. Watch out world, Kathy Romero is a dynamic powerhouse and ready to make big things happen!

What excites me the most about my brand is that it totally represents my personality!

I am completely focused. I have mapped out a clear and concise way of managing my business. It’s amazing how comfortable my brand makes me feel. My brand and all it’s components allow me to sell/talk about my services with incredible ease.

The rebranding path will enable you to deliver that much more… You will find renewed confidence. Rebranding will give you the much needed push that we all need at times to be even better than what we already are.

My fear was that people would not know who I was based on all the changes that would be implemented. I also feared that what I truly wanted would not be interpreted correctly. I feared that I would end up with a brand that did not represent me.

The entire MBH experience was tremendously empowering. Lara and Emily pushed me to highlight my authentic self. No gimmicks just TRANSPARENCY. Working with them not only equipped me with the most amazing brand and tools for my business but they motivated me to take everything I knew to yet a higher level. Lara and Emily always kept me focused and true… Working with them was a true gift that not only changed my business it also illuminated my soul. I HEART THEM.

Hearing, “Your brand is YOU!”  Hearing that for the first time filled me with AWESOME.

I felt a bit lost before my brand was transformed. Now I feel totally focused and BRILLIANT.

There are no limits to what I can achieve! I love what I do and that love is infused in to every little step I take. As long as there is heart behind what I do, my brand will hold true.

The branding process made me realize that if there is no heart behind what you do, there is no brand. I’m grateful!




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