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Wow, what a wonderful year this has been! We started the Making Brands Happen webinars this year as a way for creative business owners to get a powerful kickstart…. right in the comfort of their homes!  You’ve all made remarkable changes in your lives and businesses!  We were thrilled to have MBH and our webinars mentioned as a 2012 industry highlight at the engage! luxury wedding conference in Palm Beach this year, where Lara was also a speaker on branding.  Huge thanks to Rebecca and Kathryn for their kind words!

We are very excited to launch the 2013 Making Brands Happen Webinar Series with a new webinar to kick the year off in a BIG way.  Part 1 will be focused on giving you a strong start for the year – goal setting, clearing the clutter, setting yourself up for success and taking action on what matters.  We highly recommend you take the entire webinar series as they all tie together.  If you can’t make one of the days, not to worry – we will be sending recordings for your convenience!  So, join us and make 2013 YOUR YEAR!  Cheers, y’all!


EDITED TO ADD: Congrats to the random winner chosen Kat HanafinKat, email marissa @ makingbrandshappen.com to get your registration codes.  Everyone else, there are just a few seats left and you will save $25 when you register for the whole series, which we highly recommend.  Each webinar goes with the next.  We’re so excited!  See y’all next week!!!!

P.S. Photo above by our dear friend Gina, taken on the Making Things Happen Tour this year!

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  1. Mandy V says:

    Yay!!! I tweeted about the webinar. @mandyvolpe

  2. Kristin says:

    I instagramed it!!! Would love the opportunity!

  3. Kristin says:

    I put it on Facebook!!!

  4. Courtney says:

    I tweeted it! @DishieRentals I’ve taken the first part twice and learned so much each time. I need the next two sessions now! 🙂

  5. Sara says:

    I just tweeted it- @mrsbrooch! I wanna win this SO bad!!! My brand launches Jan. 1 (and will surely need as much guidance as possible thereafter)!

  6. Woohoo! I have facebooked and tweeted and will be blogging shortly. I will be joining the IG life in 2013 when I get my iPhone or Android from T-Mobile.

  7. Mandy V says:

    I just instagramed the webinar! @volpemandy

  8. Angela says:

    Looking forward to the webinar! Just tweeted about it @ppstyling

  9. Stacy says:

    Hooray! I tweeted it!! @stacyjohnson267

  10. Jessica Stanley Reardon says:

    I posted this to Facebook and pinned it to Pinterest! 2013 – time to get serious and get this business going!

  11. Christy says:

    Just instagramed and Facebooked! What a great gift! @cfazio391

  12. Rachel Moger says:

    Wow, I loved the other webinar so much, I can’t wait until this three part series. So much fun and SO inspirational. I’ll be tweeting and everything. 🙂

    Happy new year!

  13. […] check out Gina’s Instagram series too. Lara and I are kicking off 2013 with our three part Powerful Branding Webinar Series on January 16. “Set Yourself Up for Success” is a new webinar all about clearing […]

  14. Sara says:

    Oh! I tweeted about this a few days ago! Thought I commented!!! I wanna win this seat!!! Happy New Year! https://mobile.twitter.com/MrsBrooch/status/283279921411936256?p=v

  15. Kendra says:

    This sounds fantastic! I just ‘pined’ and instagram-ed it!

  16. What a great way to start the New Year…Christina Leigh and I would love to listen in!

  17. I posted on my FB page too. So want/need to win this!!!!!!

  18. Morgan says:

    This webinar sounds amazing & I can’t wait! I already signed up & tweeted about it 🙂 https://twitter.com/morganmoana

  19. I’ll be there (with sparkles on) whether I win a seat or not! But I’ve Tweeted it (@HeartLoveWed) and I’ve Facebooked it (both on my personal and business pages)!!! Happy dances for an amazing new year!!!! XO

  20. Amber says:

    I recently stumbled upon you girls and have been totally pumped about discovering my potential! This webinar could change everything. I facebooked (www.facebook.com/amberashleigh.com), tweeted (www.twitter.com/amberahicks), instagrammed (http://instagram.com/amberahicks), and pinned (http://pinterest.com/amberashleigh/)! Crossing my fingers…

  21. Lauren says:

    I blogged about it here: http://champagnereveries.blogspot.com/2012/12/blogger-thank-you.html

    What a wonderful opportunity!! Thanks!

  22. Stacy says:

    I tweeted the other day and just pinned it now at sjohnson: http://pinterest.com/pin/269723465154934190/

  23. I would love to be a part of this and embark on a amazing journey and experience with you all in the new year! Just tweeted! @ABlissfulNest

  24. Just instagramed about it! @ablissfulnest

  25. Just facebooked too! Hope everyone gets on the bandwagon and joins!

  26. Genevieve says:

    Im in!!!! Tweeted, IG, & Facebooked all today and will continue to follow and do all that i can between being a mom and running my business. I’m over joyed to have picked a path for the new year #MTH2013 is how I plan to get my focus on. Ive been following Lara since 2010 when I modeled for a photo shoot workshop that she was here for at the Four Seasons in Maui. Ive had my eye on this woman for a little bit now and like all of you believe there is just something about this woman. I did pretty darn well for myself in 2012, yet there is a burning in me that i can not ignore I was meant to do BIG things, and I’m far from there. When i noticed the webinar was starting on my actual b day I said to myself THIS is my year and come hell or high waters I will do it in 2013. I believe that it is through your sharing and teaching Lara that you will be the one to help me help myself get there. I don’t yet know how it will all work out but that’s OK because i know though take the leap this is what i was meant to do and the timing couldn’t be more on time. Here is my Pintrest board http://pinterest.com/genevievederego/making-things-happen-2013/

  27. Shay says:

    Yay!!! Instagram-ed it! @shaycochrane

  28. Aloha! I’m so excited about the webinars! Tweeted, Facebooked and tomorrow instagramming and pinning 🙂

  29. Elissa says:

    Tweeted!!! This looks like EXACTLY what I need right now.. crossing fingers AND toes x

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  31. Rachel says:

    Tweeted! @solandrachel

  32. Rachel says:

    Facebooked as RV Parties

  33. Rachel says:

    And blogged at http://www.rvparties.blogspots.com

    I’m so excited about this!

  34. Rachel says:

    And instagrammed as @solandrachel. WHEW!

  35. Marie says:

    Hi! Is this webinar also for people who have ideas but haven’t yet established a business? I have so many ideas and dreams and am hoping this can help me get started once and for all! (perhaps only part 1 would apply?)

    • admin says:

      Hi Marie! The whole series is the perfect springboard for business owners and people like you with just a big idea and a big dream! We’ll lay out some basic foundations that will help you.

  36. Jennifer says:

    Tweeted and FB’d (via @Makeup4yourday)! Can’t wait to hear more about this wonderful series. Started Lara’s goal setting today and looking forward to much more Lara + Emily in my life for 2013! 🙂 Thanks ladies!

  37. kat hanafin says:

    i’ve tweeted and facebooked and just about to hop on instagram as well!!! oh, and include it on my 2013 goals + 2012 wrap up blog post! 😀 xoxo
    tweet: https://twitter.com/kathanafin/status/286156204701523968
    facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/kat-hanafin-photography/270131290513
    blog post: http://kathanafin.com/wordpress/

  38. […] Everyone is Beyond Giving! 1. The industry has amazing people in it who treat you like family, and believe in customer service as much as my family believes in using real butter to bake any recipe.  Take Lara Casey and Emily Ley of Making Brands Happen! The first time I met Lara face to face (yes she is the fabulous mastermind behind Southern Weddings) she gave me a huge hug and it was like we were long lost friends seeing each other for the 100th time. Emily has just as much love bottled up inside her for her clients, family and fabulous brand; Emily Ley Paper! These two women have paired together for a series of branding webinars that I have heard will knock your socks off! I’d love to be a part of their next three part series! […]

  39. Christina says:

    What an awesome giveaway I would love to have in my back pocket to rebrand my company! This year is for fine details (I have none) and I can’t wait to get started!
    My blog post entry:
    xo Christina

  40. Christina says:

    Woo Hoo! I would love to win! Yea for Instagram! Here is my image (a little on the crooked side 🙂 )
    xo Christina

  41. Christina says:

    So excited! I’ve shared the link on Facebook!
    xo Christina

  42. Christina says:

    Here’s my twitter entry!
    xo Christina

  43. Jameka says:

    Just tweeted (@jamekaautry) and sharing the love with some of my Facebook groups! Very very tempted to sign up again for the 2013 updates 🙂

  44. Tweeted it under @shaycochrane as well!

  45. Karen says:

    Tweeted! @federphotograph

  46. Karen says:

    Left a note on FB!

  47. naomi says:

    I tweeted it! So excited! Even if I don’t win it’s exciting that you are offering this to us. Thank you!

  48. naomi says:

    Instagram -ed too!

  49. I tweeted it and I can’t wait! Looks like an amazing webinar series!

  50. Anna says:

    What an awesome opportunity!! Just Instagrammed and Facebooked! @annafoushee xoxo

  51. Lara you know I’ve been wanting to do MTH for years now and being as I live half a world away I’m thinking this might be my best chance for now!! Thank you so much for being you and inspiring so many!! I’m excited for the year ahead and looking forward to feeling more in control of it through this process. (IG’d and tweeted it)

  52. Victoria says:

    I tweeted about it! @vluhrs. YEAH love it!

  53. Victoria says:

    Instagrammed it just now @vluhrs.

  54. Victoria says:

    And shared on facebook – Victoria Luhrs, FB name.

  55. Amanda Speer says:

    Hello! I’d love to win this:

    I blogged about it here: http://bit.ly/VADWu6
    Tweeted here, (as well as other times): http://bit.ly/10120uB
    instagrammed here: @amandahspeer
    facebooked here: http://www.facebook.com/amandaspeercreative

    thanks for the great opportunity!

  56. sarahlynn says:

    i posted this on my instagram…@msfauxfrench. so generous of y’all! would love to be a part of the fun.

  57. sarahlynn says:

    tweeted, this as well. my twitter name is @msfauxfrench.

  58. sarahlynn says:

    i would absolutely love to be a part of this! last year i was awarded a partial scholarship to the atlanta MTH2012 but sadly i couldn’t be a part because of a last minute health emergency. i was so bummed! but this would be a fantastic way to get involved. so inspired by both emily and lara and this would be a great jumpstart to making big things happen for me and my business in 2013. crossing my fingers and thinking happy thoughts y’all can save a spot for me!

  59. sarahlynn says:

    shared this on my facebook page as well. i love that my daddy was the first person to like it, then sent me a message saying “go sis!”. he’s awesome.

  60. Stacy Fork says:

    Instagramed & Tweeted!: TheGownShopA2

    Looking so forward to this opportunity! Also to #MTH_2013

    The Gown Shop – Ann Arbor

  61. Rachel Moger says:

    Tweeted the webinar! Though, how could I not? I hope everyone can join! 🙂


  62. Rachel Moger says:

    Instagramming here… @rachelmoger 🙂 🙂

  63. Rachel May says:

    It’s on my FB! 🙂

  64. facebooked, tweeted, instagrammed, pinned and shouted it out loud over the roof tops!

  65. Tweeted and Instagrammed 🙂

  66. posted on my facebook!!

  67. […] next Wednesday is the start of our 2013 Powerful Branding Webinar Series. Y’all. I love these webinars so much. We get to interact with our guests and really talk […]

  68. Cara says:

    Tweeted info about the webinar! I am so inspired by your vision to help those succeed in their dreams!!


  69. Sara says:

    Shared it on Facebook! I would be so excited to take pat in this!!

  70. Allyson says:

    I shared on Instagram, @tailoredoccasionsnc. I’ve heard so many great things from those who have participated in the past, and I just know that this is exactly what will help me take my wedding planning business to the next level. 2013 has started out to be a great year, but I’m ready to make it even better.

  71. Brittany says:

    Facebook, Twitter and Instagram’d! Thanks for a great opportunity. I’m all in.

  72. Just tweeted! Would love to be able to attend! @merrillbradford

  73. brittany says:

    tweeted 🙂 excited to hear more!

  74. Terri Graham says:

    Just instagrammed it and tagged you Lara!

  75. Melissa says:

    Just tweeted the webinar @mballphoto. It sounds like a great opportunity!

  76. Kate says:

    I just tweeted about it- I would LOVE to attend! You guys do wonderful work!

  77. Tweeted! @thabelladiva

  78. Instagrammed 😉 @chickandlee

  79. You both are so inspiring. I would love love love, to take part in this webinar. I tweeted it https://twitter.com/_jaquelinefaria/status/288705774325219328
    Shared it on facebook and instagramed it!!!

  80. I have tweeted about the chance to win at https://twitter.com/SecondLineSouth

    I also posted about it on Instagram (@secondlinesouth) and tagged Emily in the picture.

    I am feeling frustrated & tired with my life recently, but I also feel refreshed and peacefully focused to change that in the new year. This webinar is just what I need to start 2013 completely ready for whatever it brings.

  81. Wowie says:

    I shared via Instagram. Sounds like a great webinar series.

  82. Kristy Smith says:

    Shared on Instagram @Cutiesforcuties.

  83. Jessica says:

    woo hoo .. it’s been FB’d, Instagrammed and Pinned .. so.far. woot!

    FB: Jessica Goldschmidt

    Instagram: @theJessicaLee

    Pinned: http://pinterest.com/jessica_lee/mth-2013/
    *I know that wasn’t part of it, but it’s part of my MTH 2013 🙂

  84. I posted about the webinar on Facebook and Twitter. Lara and Emily, thanks so much for all you do. I just love you ladies to pieces! Nicole Melton

  85. Emily Barahona says:

    As a branding professional (graphic and web designer), working mother and Christian…this would be such a great webinar to go to! Looks amazing! Would love to go to this!

  86. Carrie Moe says:

    Tweeted it out! @fleurishevents
    Oh man, I hope I get picked! I never win these things but always try for them. Ha ha! Just keeping it real.

  87. Oh boy! i just entered! crossing my fingers 🙂 tweeted, instagrammed ad FB 🙂

  88. Mae says:

    I shared the link to this post on Facebook!

  89. Ylorie says:

    I just retweeted this series via a tweet I saw in my timeline from @NaturalChica! I definitely have a passion for building brands!

  90. Carly Fuller says:

    I just instagram’d and shared on Facebook!! You two are so inspiring.

  91. MARGAUX says:

    Tweeted about it @sweetemiline. We’re a new startup and soooo excited that our paths have crossed! xx

  92. Tweeted & Posted to FB 🙂 I’m so excited to learn with you ladies!!

  93. Kate says:

    Shared on Facebook! 🙂

  94. Roshel says:

    Shared it on facebook! Exciting!

  95. Nicki says:

    I tweeted about it! @NickiECampbell

  96. Genevieve says:

    I believe i did all the steps you requested and ended it all with a Blog post too…. http://www.genevievederego.com/2013/01/facts-feelings-making-things-happen-2013/#

  97. Mary Coules says:

    This is exactly the moment to make things happen. It’s never too late or a missed opportunity. There is always a plan. A plan that was meant for each unique person. I LOVE the topics for Making Brands Happen 2013 and feel blessed every.single.day that your work has touched my life. Thank you for sharing your hearts. I would love to share this experience with friend. Much love. xoxo

    Just shared the love via Instagram!!

  98. Mary Coules says:

    Shared on my FB page!

  99. Mary Coules says:

    Sharing my {heart} and the love for this series via Instagram! xo

  100. Mary Coules says:

    Tweet! Tweet! Sent out a tweet for starting your year off in a BIG way!

  101. Tiffany says:

    Instagrammed! 🙂

  102. Rachel Moger says:

    last minute facebook update! 🙂

  103. Rachel Moger says:

    tweet, tweet! @rachel_moger

    I would be so excited to join in on this serious! This point in my life is at such a crossroads, trying to mesh being a new mom and starting a new business. I want to do it right. Thanks for all of your guidance. Amazing!

  104. Jessica says:

    Hope it’s not too late to enter some more!

    I just FB’d it again, this time on my business page (www.facebook.com/JessicaLeeFanPage) and tweeted twice!!


  105. Beth says:

    I tweeted about the webinar!! Hope I’m not too late!!

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