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December 16 • Comment »



Hi, friends!  Just a quick note to tell you that Emily and I are happily busy with projects and other ventures (and toddlers!) during this season of our lives, so we are not taking new clients for the foreseeable future.  We will continue to do webinars and individual consulting, but we aren’t taking full branding clients anymore.  If you are interested in doing consulting or coaching with both of us, email Kristin at  for details!

On a recent trip to our shared hometown, our amazing friends Rae and Wes Leytham snapped these photos of Grace and Brady in my mamas kitchen!

Making messes happen : )

Follow Emily and I on our Instagram accounts for details on upcoming webinars. Here’s to a great 2014 ahead, friends! 


June 13 • Comment »




We can hardly believe it’s already MID-2013! Where has the year gone!? We are so excited for the launches we have coming up. Our clients have worked so hard and have truly transformed their brands into powerful, authentic businesses inside and out.  We can’t wait to reveal 15 new powerful brands to you very soon!

Lara and I were going to complete the year with just three new brands, but after much prayer, we had a lightbulb moment!  We’re going to create FIVE NEW BRANDS … in a very special format. We’ll be taking the fall/winter holidays off and Lara has a magazine coming out in November, so we only have from July to September to complete these new brands.  Our usual branding process takes 12 weeks, but we’ve designed an Express Powerful Branding Process for five clients who are ready to work hard and make their new brands happen ASAP!

The total cost for this Express Powerful Branding process is $6000.  Most of our clients choose our $10,000 Tier, but we won’t have time to complete five new brands at that level, so we’ve created this simplified faster option!

DETAILS: You must reserve your space by July 1st so you have time to complete your PowerWork (branding homework). We will begin with Power Sessions to kick off the branding process for each client on July 18th. We’ll work together for 8 exciting weeks to get your new brand ready to fly and then you will begin your site design with the web team of your choice (we have some great recommendations!).

Again, this is only for those who are ready to work hard and make big things happen.  If you want to launch a new brand before the end of the year, this is your chance!

To reserve your new brand and for details, email Kristin, our amazing project manager.

Make it happen!


Emily + Lara

P.S. Come see us at Making Things Happen in October!  20 of the 60 seats are already sold!


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Wow, what a wonderful year this has been! We started the Making Brands Happen webinars this year as a way for creative business owners to get a powerful kickstart…. right in the comfort of their homes!  You’ve all made remarkable changes in your lives and businesses!  We were thrilled to have MBH and our webinars mentioned as a 2012 industry highlight at the engage! luxury wedding conference in Palm Beach this year, where Lara was also a speaker on branding.  Huge thanks to Rebecca and Kathryn for their kind words!

We are very excited to launch the 2013 Making Brands Happen Webinar Series with a new webinar to kick the year off in a BIG way.  Part 1 will be focused on giving you a strong start for the year – goal setting, clearing the clutter, setting yourself up for success and taking action on what matters.  We highly recommend you take the entire webinar series as they all tie together.  If you can’t make one of the days, not to worry – we will be sending recordings for your convenience!  So, join us and make 2013 YOUR YEAR!  Cheers, y’all!


EDITED TO ADD: Congrats to the random winner chosen Kat HanafinKat, email marissa @ to get your registration codes.  Everyone else, there are just a few seats left and you will save $25 when you register for the whole series, which we highly recommend.  Each webinar goes with the next.  We’re so excited!  See y’all next week!!!!

P.S. Photo above by our dear friend Gina, taken on the Making Things Happen Tour this year!

Life is Too Short to Play Small

December 18 • 4 Comments »





Hi, friends!  We’ve had a truly blessed and exciting year with phenomenal clients and so many inspiring brand launches ahead! We’re already filling fast for 2013 brands and just wanted to take a minute to encourage you.  Life is too short to play small.  We started this work because we want creative business owners to be able to literally make their dreams happen.  The dreams that are so big they keep you up at night with excitement.  The dreams that help your family thrive.  The dreams that you were born to step into.  Take that giant leap today.  Wishing you all a blessed 2013 ahead!  xo Lara and Emily


Get ready for 2013! Powerful Branding + Client Experience Webinar

October 10 • 90 Comments »




We’re SOLD OUT for 2012 brand launches (and almost full for 2013!), so to give you a jump start into the new year, we’re combining our popular webinar series into ONE POWERFUL WEBINAR. Get your brand refined and your client experience dialed in for a BIG 2013!   We will cover all the essentials you need to know:  Get Branded and The Client Experience.  We’ve made this super affordable so it’s a no-brainer to join us and really take things to the next level.  Our motto: Life is too short to play small!  See you all on November 7th!


Help us spread the word about the Powerful Branding + Client Experience Webinar and be entered to win a seat for you and a friend!  Four ways to enter:

  • Tweet about the webinar and link back to this post.
  • Blog about the webinar
  • Facebook it!
  • Instagram it!

Or do all four.  Just be sure to comment here and let us know you did so.  Enter as many times as you like!  We’ll pick a random winner on Halloween.  Get to it and spread the word!


UPDATE: Congrats to Beka Watts and Kelly Dellinger — our WINNERS for the contest posted above!! Beka and Kelly, please email Marissa to get set up! If you entered to win, please email Marissa ASAP for a special entrant only rate!

SOLD OUT for 2012 Launches!

August 24 • Comment »




Hi friends!  Oh my, we’ve been busy bees this year at Making Brands Happen.  Emily and I are over-the-moon about our clients this year and cannot wait for our 20 or so big launches coming up in the next few weeks.  Every one of our clients has worked SO hard and transformed from the inside-out.  It’s been inspiring for us to watch the light bulbs go off and see big dreams realized.

We’re officially SOLD OUT for 2012 launches and now accepting 2013 clients.  We are fiercely committed to doing our best work and have some exciting new options for the new year (I cannot believe this year is drawing to a close already!).  If you are interested in Making Brands Happen for 2013, we’re now having prospective clients do an initial consulting session with yours truly so we can really get to know you and your goals to see if we are the perfect fit for you.  To book your initial session with me, just shoot Marissa and email and she’ll get you scheduled!  Since I’m knee-deep in making a magazine happen right now, initial sessions will either be scheduled for late this fall or early 2013.

Wishing you all a blessed fall ahead!  I personally cannot wait for the leaves to start turning, the NC State Fair to open and for Starbucks to roll out all things holiday!  Yeehaw!  What are you excited about?

Love y’all!

Lara (+ Emily)

P.S. We’d LOVE to see y’all at Making Things Happen this fall!  Join us.

photo by Nancy Ray

Big Launches from Making Brands Happen

July 16 • Comment »


Vine & Light


Hello, friends! Marissa here! We hope that your summer has been wonderful so far, and hasn’t been flying by nearly as fast as ours! This week we had two BIG launches from the Making Brands Happen family!

First up: we were absolutely thrilled to launch our fabulous client Ms. Shannon‘s gorgeous NEW brand and site! Her stunning images have a great new home to be shown off in!

Special thanks, and BIG hugs to Cathy from Love Inspired for her hard work and talent on Shannon’s site and blog!

Doesn’t Shannon have the best smile? We’re so thrilled for you, S!

Next up, we have the much-anticipated launch of our own Mrs. Emily Ley’s new SHOP!!

Emily’s shop has been a labor of love. She designed it to make life just a little sweeter for all of the busy business women, super moms, pig-tail brushers, tailgate hostesses and overall awesome-makers.

From gorgeous personalized iPhone cases (I’m obsessed with mine – see  if you can spot it on the site!) to unbelievably adorable Great Day Plates™, Emily hopes these paper and gift products impart a bit of Southern charm into your busy days and help you focus on what matters most.

Besides her overwhelming love for classic, timeless patterns and gorgeous monograms the mission behind these products is to help each of us focus on our TREASURE. Why are gorgeous iPhone cases awesome? Because they encourage us to flip those puppies upside down, show off our pretty case and get back to the people right in front of us!

And just you wait! The NEW Emily Ley Simplified Planners will be available for preorder on July 20th! I cannot wait to put mine together!

To celebrate Emily is give out a little love to all our sweet friends! Just enter “OHHAPPYDAY” at checkout for 10% off iPhone cases until July 20th!

P.S. All of Emily’s lovely images are courtesy of the incredibly talented and adorable Nancy Ray. 

Webinar Series Q&A

May 9 • 1 Comment »



We’re very excited to share that we’ll be adding an additional hour for all past webinar attendees to join us after the Get Published webinar on Wednesday, May 16. From 4-5pm EST we’ll answer questions on powerful branding, developing a remarkable client experience and getting published. All past webinar attendees will receive admission into this separate session. We’ll be sending out an email to all past (and Get Published) attendees today with details to get registered for the Q&A.

The first Business & Branding Webinar Series was such a hit, we’re offering a summer series as well! Join us for Powerful Branding (June 20) and The Client Experience (June 27)! Get registered here. We’re so excited for Get Published on May 16!

Making Lots of Things Happen!

May 2 • 11 Comments »



We are SO excited to have begun the Making Things Happen tour in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, yesterday! We had such a fantastic group! Over the next ten days, we’ll be traveling (with Gina Zeidler!) to Atlanta, DC, NYC and Boston! We’re so thrilled to begin this journey again and meet so many of you. We also launched our brand new website (thanks, Cathy!)

We’ve been working with a number of new Making Brands Happen clients and can’t wait to reveal over twenty-five new brands this fall. We only have four MBH client spots left for the remainder of 2012 (two beginning in May, one beginning in June and one beginning in July). If you’re interested in reserving one of these spots, or would like more details, send us a note. 

The first round of our Making Brands Happen Business & Branding Webinars has been FANTASTIC! Hundreds of you joined us for Powerful Branding, The Client Experience and (will join us for) Get Published (on May 16)! Our first series was so popular, we’re offering the series again! We’ll be offering Powerful Branding (June 20, 12 – 4pm) and The Client Experience (June 27, 12 – 4pm) as well as one branding evaluation during each. Seats are limited. Register here.


Win a series seat to attend both webinars (Powerful Branding + The Client Experience)! Four ways to enter:

  • FACEBOOK: Spread the announcement to your Facebook friends! Be sure to link to Making Brands Happen. Comment here to let us know!
  • TWITTER: Spread the announcement to your Twitter followers! Be sure to link to @PowerfulBrand. Comment here to let us know!
  • BLOG: Spread the word with your blog! Be sure to comment here to let us know!
  • PIN IT TO WIN IT!: Pin the top graphic with a link to this post! We’ll announce the winner on Friday, June 1!

We’re also SO excited to announce our new POWER SESSIONS!  Sessions are 30-40 minutes in length and are done via Skype or phone with both of Lara and Emily at the same time. We’ve already done so many successful sessions and the feedback has been WONDERFUL! We will send you a very thorough brand evaluation to complete before the call and take a significant amount of time to study your brand beforehand.  Only two sessions per month will be offered at a discounted rate of five hundred dollars.  The prep work we send you beforehand covers your goals, vision for the future and we also ask that you send us three focal areas/questions that you’d like us to cover in your power session.  These sessions are intensive. We pack as much as possible into each power session to give you a solid foundation for big change. Email Marissa for more details or to reserve your spot.

And… we are missing our babies so much! Well, Emily is. Lara says goodbye to little Grace for a week today. We’ll miss these little ones, but these adventures are so worth it (that and all the snuggles we get when we get home!)

Lara + Emily


Introducing the Business and Branding Webinar Series!

February 15 • 65 Comments »



Introducing the first ever Making Brands Happen three part Business & Branding Webinar Series!! Join us (Lara Casey and Emily Ley of Making Brands Happen… and a whole lot of other great companies we own), for a series of webinars that will transform your business and revolutionize (i.e. simplify!) the way you work.  We know branding, and we’re ready to dive in with YOU!  After droves of requests, we’ve decided to share our branding secrets via the wonderful world wide web and you get to join us from the comfort of your computer.  We suggest PJ’s and hot cocoa for the full experience!  From evaluating where you are, to digging deep into where you want your business to be, we’ll go into detail on the key things you need to know to take your brand to the next level and spread the word with strategic marketing.

We’ve created this curriculum as a SERIES OF THREE ESSENTIAL WEBINARS so we can cover all the essentials you need to know:  Get BrandedThe Client Experience and Get Published.  You are welcome to just take one, but you’ll be missing the total package!  Each area directly relates to the other.  We’ve made this super affordable so it’s a no brainer to join us for all three and really take things to the next level.  Our motto: Life is too short to play small!

Live Q & A will follow each webinar, including a live branding evaluation for one lucky attendee! (First come, first served with the single ticket above!)  This webinar series is open to any creative professional — whether new to the business or a seasoned pro — that wants to take his or her brand to the next level. Ready to make 2012 your biggest year yet?  Cancel that hair appointment and Get Branded!

Part 1: Get Branded Wednesday, March 14th from 1pm to 4pm Eastern Standard Time.

Strong, powerful brands are built on foundations of passion, authenticity and unmatched attention to detail. Join us as we dive into these details and create an actionable plan for bringing authenticity and personal connection into every aspect of your business and into every step of your ideal client experience. Your brand should tell your story in every detail and should invite your ideal client to be part of an experience she won’t soon forget.

Part 2: The Client Experience Wednesday, April 11th from 1pm to 4pm Eastern Standard Time.

Client experiences are viral. From start to finish and beyond, your client experience should be simple, streamlined and full of unexpected, personal touches. Together, we’ll create a strategy for mapping unforgettable client experiences and discuss how to utilize that experience to create a viral buzz around your powerful brand.

Part 3: Get Published Wednesday, May 16th from 1pm to 4pm Eastern Standard Time.

Join Southern Weddings Magazine editor-in-chief/publisher, Lara Casey and art director, Emily Ayer as they discuss the key things you need to know to take your brand to the next level and get published in print and online media.

Location: Your computer.  Platform details to follow once you are registered.

Prepare: Have your branding and publication questions ready, your computer open and something to take notes with.

Follow: on Twitter for updates @PowerfulBrand


Please note: This intensive does not cover any of the Making Things Happen curriculum.  To register for Making Things Happen, click here.  Please note #2:  These webinars are just a very SMALL TASTE of the full Making Brands Happen experience.  They do not in any way replace it.  Please note #3:  After the webinar, a recording will be a available for attendees, as well as branding homework.

*Dates and times are subject to change.  Seats are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Space is very limited. 

Warning: this webinar series is awesome.


Enter to win one seat at your choice of one webinar! Four ways to enter:

  • FACEBOOK: Spread the announcement to your Facebook friends! Be sure to link to Making Brands Happen. Comment here to let us know!
  • TWITTER: Spread the announcement to your Twitter followers! Be sure to link to @PowerfulBrand. Comment here to let us know!
  • BLOG: Spread the word with your blog! Be sure to comment here to let us know!
  • PIN IT TO WIN IT!: Pin the top graphic with a link to this post!

UPDATE :: Congratulations to Ashley Danyew! GREAT NEWS!!! Everyone who entered the Making Brands Happen Webinar giveaway gets a HUGE discount code! Email Marissa@LaraCaseyReps com for yours!